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 participants: elizabeth webby
 Elizabeth Webby
Professor of Australian Literature
Department of English
University of Sydney

Research Projects
1. Building Australian Literary Knowledge Infrastructure ARC RIEF Grant, Chief Investigator, Collaborating Institution 2003, $403,000

2. The External Eye: production and reception of some British and American representations of Australia, 1850-70 and 1940-60 ARC Large Grant, Chief Investigator 2001-03, $170,060

3. The Australian Peculiar: Space, memory and national identity Sesqui R & D Grant, Chief Investigator 2001, $14,000

4. Nation, Citizenship and Cultures: Australia and the Region Research Strengths Funding, University of Sydney, Team Leader 2001, $75,000

5. Indexing of Australian Literary Journals ARC RIEF Grant, Chief Investigator, Collaborating Institution 1999: $121,000

6. Critical Edition of Robbery Under Arms ARC Large Grant, Joint Chief Investigator 1998-99:$52,000

7. Nineteenth century Aboriginal textural collaborations ARC Large Grant, Joint Chief Investigator 1997-99: $164,710
Track Record relative to opportunity
From 1988-99 Webby was editor of Southerly, Australia's oldest literary quarterly. During these 12 years she produced 48 issues of the journal, including many special issues on topics such as Australian Poetry, Aboriginal Writing and the Australian Literary Canon. She also published work by many then unknown writers who have since gone on to make a name as poets, novelists and critics. In 1999 Youngstreet Poets awarded Webby their inaugural Medal for services to poetry, in recognition of her contribution as editor of Southerly.

For much of this same period, Webby was also involved in three large-scale joint research projects. Australian Feminism: A Companion, supported by a Large ARC grant from 1995-7, was published by Oxford University Press in 1998. A History of the Book in Australia, a three volume project, research for which has also been supported by the ARC, will be published by the University of Queensland Press from 2001-2005. Webby has been a member of the editorial committee for this project since its inception in the early 1990s, and is co-editor and writer of several chapters of Volume 1, covering the period to 1890, which will go to the publishers later this year.

Webby has also been a member of the editorial board of the Academy Editions of Australian Literature project, since its inception in 1992. Six volumes have so far been published by the University of Queensland Press, with a seventh in press. She has also co-edited the Academy Edition of Rolf Boldrewood's Robbery Under Arms, with support from an ARC Large grant during 1998-99. The manuscript for this is now under review, with publication expected in 2005.

During 2000 two significant new books, edited by Webby at the request of their publishers, appeared. Walter and Mary: The Letters of Walter and Mary Richardson, research for which was supported by an ARC institutional grant in 1998, was published by Melbourne University Press in August. In October, Cambridge University Press published Australian Literature in their 'Companions to Literature' series. This work, commissioned during 1997, involved considerable planning and development before the best chapter structure, theoretical approach and contributors could be determined. Webby also wrote the Introduction and the chapter on 'Colonial Writers and Readers', as well as preparing the Chronology, the Suggestions for Further Reading and editing the essays of other contributors.

Webby has been or is a member of the Editorial Advisory Boards for a number of Australian and international journals, including Australasian Drama Studies, Australian Studies (UK), Australian and New Zealand Studies in Canada, Women's Studies International Forum, Australian Literary Studies, Southerly, Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature, Antipodes (USA).

Webby's role as Professor of Australian Literature has also meant a significant involvement with the wider literary community. She has served as Chair of the Library Society of the State Library of NSW (1993-96), Chair of the NSW Writers' Centre (1995-96) and as a member of the Grants Advisory Committee for History and Literature of the NSW Ministry for the Arts (1993-98). She was involved in setting up the Nita B. Kibble Literary Awards and chaired the judging panel from 1995-99. In 1998 she was invited to join the judging panel for the Miles Franklin Award, Australia's most prestigious literary prize.
Colonial Voices: Letters, Diaries and Other Accounts of Nineteenth-Century Australia, University of Queensland Press, 1989, pp. xxiii + 484.

Modern Australian Plays, Sydney University Press/Oxford University Press, 1990. Revised and enlarged edition, 1993, pp. ix + 85.

The Cambridge Companion to Australian Literature, Cambridge University Press, 2000.

'Before the Bulletin: Nineteenth Century Literary Journalism', in B Bennett, ed., Cross Currents: Magazines and Newspapers in Australian Literature, Longman Cheshire, 1981, 3-34.

"From first settlement to the gold rush (1788-1853)", in H. Love, ed., The Australian Stage: a documentary history, New South Wales University Press, 1984, 1-8; 18-51.

"Dr Crowther Lectures at the Hobart Town Mechanics' Institute"; "A Benefit Performance at the Royal Victoria", in Australians 1838, ed. A. Atkinson and M. Aveling, Fairfax, Syme and Weldon, 1987, 254-266.

"Writers, Printers, Readers: The Production of Australian Literature before 1855", in The Penguin New Literary History of Australia, ed. L. Hergenhan, Penguin, 1988, 113-125.

"Melodrama and the Melodramatic Imagination", in The Penguin New Literary History of Australia, ed. L. Hergenhan, Penguin, 1988, 210-222. "The Grave in the Bush", in Dennis Haskell, ed., Tilting at Matilda, Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1994, 30-38.

"Australia", in J.Don Vann & Rosemary T. Van Arsdel, eds., Periodicals of Queen Victoria's Empire: An Exploration, University of Toronto Press, 1996, 19-60.
Other Evidence of Contribution
Elected Fellow of Australian Academy of the Humanities 1997

Life Membership of the Sydney English Association 1999

Life Membership of Association for the Study of Australian Literature

Centenary Medal for services to Australian Literature 2003

A A Phillips Award and Life Membership of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature 2003

ARC OZ Reader, 2001-2003

Editorial boards - Australian Studies (UK), Antipodes: North American Journal of Australian Literature, Southerly, Australian Literary Studies, Australasian Drama Studies, Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature.

Webby, E (ed) 2000 The Cambridge Companion to Australian Literature. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press pp xxii + 326.

Webby E & Sykes G (eds) 2000 Walter and Mary: The Letters of Walter and Mary Richardson. Melbourne, Melbourne University Press pp xiv +280.

Book chapters

Webby, E 2002 "The Travelling Heroine in Recent Australian Fiction", in Stewart, K and Walker, S, 'Unemployed at Last!' Essays on Australian Literature to 2002, CALLS, pp 175-86.

Webby, E 2001 "Shakespeare in Australia: The Early Years c.1830-50", in Golder, J and Madelaine, R (eds.), O Brave New World: Two Centuries of Shakespeare on the Australian Stage, Currency Press, pp 40-55.

Webby, E 2001 "Adaptations: Stage, Screen and other Versions of His Natural Life", in Stuart, L (ed.) His Natural Life by Marcus Clarke, Academy Editions of Australian Literature, University of Queensland Press, pp 591-605.

Webby, E 2000 "Colonial Writers and Readers", in Webby, E (ed), The Cambridge Companion to Australian Literature, Cambridge University Press, pp 50-73.

Webby, E 2000 "Introduction", in Webby, E (ed), The Cambridge Companion to Australian Literature, Cambridge University Press, pp 1-18.

Webby, E 1999 "Fiction, Reading and Libraries in Early Colonial NSW and Van Diemen's Land", in Garrioch, D et. al., (eds.), The Culture of the Book, Bibliographic Society of Australia & New Zealand, pp. 366-73.

Webby, E 1999 "Australian Literature in the Marketplace", in Bartlett, A; Dixon, R & Lee,C (eds)., Australian Literature and the Public Sphere, Association for the Study of Australian Literature, 13-22.

Refereed Articles

Webby, E 2003 " Australian Literary Lives", Australian Literary Studies, 21:2, pp. 209-14.

Webby, E 2003 "Books and Covers: Reflections on some recent Australian novels", Sydney Studies in English, 29, pp.79-86.

Webby, E 2002 "Reading My Brilliant Career", Australian Literary Studies, 20:4, pp.350-58.

Webby, E 2002 "Killing the Narrator: National Differences in Adaptations of Robbery Under Arms", Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature, 1, pp.44-50.
Postgraduate Students: Current (all PhDs in English unless indicated)
Pam Bell, 'Representations of the Artist in 20th Century Australian Fiction' (Under examination)

Kathryn Burns, 'Landscape and Childhood in Australian Autobiography'

Nathan Garvey, 'Spurious Publications relating to early Australia'

Carolyn Lowry, 'History of the Independent Theatre'

Nicolette Stasko, ' Australian Women Artists and the Orient'

Catherine Dunne, 'Peter Carey, Ned Kelly and Australian Folklore'

Rebecca Cressman, 'The Lack of Romance in Australian Film' (MPhil in Australian Studies, International student from USA)

Julieanne Lamond, 'Representations of Politicians in Australian fiction and drama'

Caroline Jones, 'George Robertson and Australian publishing' (PHD in History, co-supervision)

Helen Anderson, The Sydney Gazette under Robert Howe' (MPhil in History, co-supervision)

Postgraduate Students (completed in last 5 years, all PhDs in English)

Jane Sloan, 'Autobiographical writing by Australian and American women academics'

Ian Henderson, 'A reading of Paul and Virginia and its influence in Australia'

Neil James, 'A History of Angus and Robertson Publishers, 1940-1960"

Denise Faithful, 'Adaptations of Australian Literature to Film'

Gillian Sykes, ' The New Woman in the New World'
Other Teaching
Director of Australian Studies Program and responsible for introducing the teaching of this at the undergraduate level at University of Sydney. Also responsible for conceiving of undergraduate units, and teaching in part of them: 'Australia: Land and Nation'; 'Histories, Narratives and Images'; 'Film and Nation:Representing Australia'.

Other teaching in Australian Literature includes: 'Australian Stage and Screen'; 'Australian Literature, 1920s to 1960s', ' Nineteenth-century Australian Literature' and the honours preparation units, 'Australian Literature: Research methods' and 'Australian Literature: Research issues'. At MA and Honours level have taught 'Australian Theatre History', 'Australian Women's Writing' and 'Literary Cities: Sydney'.

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