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 participants: david carment
 David Carment
Professor of History
Dean, Faculty of Law, Business and Arts
Charles Darwin University

Research Projects
one of two chief investigators for ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities grant of $100,000 for 2002,

one of twelve chief investigators for ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities grant of $376,066 for 2004.
Significant Contributions to this research
The political style of Clare Martin (for invited chapter in John Wanna & Paul Williams (Eds.), Yes, Premier: The Political Style of Australia's State and Territory Leaders).

Territorianism: The Politics of Identity in the Northern Territory, 1978-2001.

Previous Research and Research Interests

Australian national politics since 1901.

Aspects of the history of central Queensland.

Aspects of Northern Territory history, cultural resources and politics.

Carment, D. (2001). A Past Displayed: Public History, Public Memory and Cultural Resource Management in Australia's Northern Territory. Darwin: Northern Territory University Press. ISBN 1-876248-67-X, 141 pp.

Cremin, A., with Carment, D., Milne, T., Johnson, W., Kerr, R., Wilson, A. & Young, L. (Eds.) (2001). 1901: Australian Life at Federation, An Illustrated Chronicle. Sydney: University of New South Wales Press. ISBN: 0-86480-483-7, 175 pp.

Book Chapters

Carment, D. (2001). A relict goldfield: Arltunga, Northern Territory. In A. Cremin (Eds.), 1901 (p.46).

Carment, D. (2001). Australia in the world in 1901. In A. Cremin (Eds.), 1901 (pp. 1-3).

Carment, D. (2001). Colonial frontiers in the 1890s. In A. Cremin (Eds.), 1901 (pp. 18-21).

Carment, D. (2001). The Government Residence in Darwin. In A. Cremin (Eds.), 1901 (p. 94).

Carment, D. (2002). The Northern Territory's past: public history, public memory and cultural heritage tourism. In X. Pons (Ed.) Departures: How Australia Reinvents Itself (pp. 52-60), Melbourne: Melbourne University Press. ISBN 0-522-84995-4.

Carment, D. (2002). Darwin's federation heritage. In L. Mearns & L. Barter (Eds.), Progressing Backwards: The Northern Territory in 1901 (pp. 87-93). Darwin: Historical Society of the Northern Territory. ISBN 1-876450-42- 8.

Carment, D., Fredericksen, C. & De La Rue, K. Forthcoming. From 'native relics' to 'Flynn's pillar': cultural heritage management in the Northern Territory during the 1950s. In M. Dewar, S. Parry & J. Wells (Eds.), book on the Northern Territory during the 1950s, Charles Darwin University Press.

Journal Articles

Carment, D. (2000). Cultural heritage management in the Northern Territory 1983-1998. Journal of Northern Territory History, 11, 15-24.

Carment, D. (2000). Presenting the past at Kakadu and Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Parks. Public History Review, 8, 87-97.

Carment, D. (2002). Making museum history in Australia's Northern Territory. Australian Historical Studies. 119, 161-171.

Carment, D. & Wilson, W. (2002). Change at the top: the 2001 Northern Territory election. Journal of Northern Territory History, 13, 69-79.

Carment, D. (2003) Presenting mining's past in Australia's Northern Territory. In Journal of Australasian Mining History, 1 (1), 24-30.

Other Evidence of Impact and Contributions to the Field

Numerous national and local media interviews since 1977.

Numerous public lectures since 1977.

Numerous national and international conference presentations since 1977.

Referee for numerous journals, including Australasian Historical Archaeology, Australian Historical Studies, Australian Studies, The Great Circle, Journal of Australasian Mining History, Journal of Australian Studies and Journal of Northern Territory History.

Author of script for video That's Our Heritage: The National Estate in the Northern Territory. National Trust of Australia (Northern Territory), 1995. Organiser of numerous colloquia, public lectures and seminars.

Joint chief investigator, Arfaura Digital Archive project, Charles Darwin University.

Joint chief investigator, on-line Australian Dictionary of Biography project, The Australian National University.

Research Supervisions

Supervised the following theses, all of which were awarded degrees without the need for resubmission:

Brian, B. (2001). The Northern Territory's 'One Big Union': The Rise and Fall of the North Australian Workers' Union, 1911-1972 (took over supervision in 2000 from Dr A. Heatley)

Dewar, M. (1993). In Search of the 'Never-Never': Looking for Australia in Northern Territory Writing 1837-1992, 1992 (associate supervisor Professor A. Powell)

Elder, P. (1998). Charles Lydiard Aubrey Abbott: Countryman or Colonial Governor?

Hugo, D. (1995). Mica Mining at Harts Range, Central Australia: 1880s-1960: A Study of Ethnicity and the Impact of Isolation

Wells, J. (1995). The Long March: Assimilation Policy and Practice in Darwin, the Northern Territory, 1939-1967 (co-supervisor Associate Professor R. Johnston)

Wilson, W. (2000). A Force Apart? A History of the Northern Territory Police Force 1870-1926.

Currently supervising: A. Angel, the Northern Territory artists' camps; A. Davis, special collection development in Northern Territory libraries; E. Gibson, a planning history of Fannie Bay (to submit in 2003); C. Gordon, history of Port Keats; B. Phelts, history of water resources in the Northern Territory; S. Stanton, part-Aborigines and Catholicism in the 'Top End' of the Northern Territory during the twentieth century; T. Whitebeach, biography of Don Ross; J. Yates, the Boy Scout movement in north Australia.

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This report has been make possible due to the generous support
of the Australian Research Council, and Curtin University of Technology

David Carment
email: [email protected]

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