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 participants: marilyn lake
 Marilyn Lake
Personal Chair in History
LaTrobe University

Research Projects
  • Committee to Review Australian Studies in Tertiary Education ( CRASTE)

    Chief Investigators : Dr Charles Fox and Dr M. Lake

    Project : Work in Society

    1987 $ 3,000

  • Australian Research Grants Scheme (Large Grant)

    Chief Investigators : Dr P. Grimshaw, Dr M. Lake

    Project : A Feminist History of Australia

    1987 $21,000

    1988 $7,500

  • Australian Research Council (Large Grant)

    Chief Investigators : Dr M. Aveling, Dr P. Grimshaw, Dr M. Lake

    Project : Working Class, Rural Poor and Aboriginal Women in Australia

    1989 $30,000

    1990 $20,860

    1991 $20,860

  • Australian Research Council (Large Grant)

    Chief Investigators : Professor Ann Curthoys, Professor Marilyn Lake and Associate Professor Susan Magarey

    Project : Sex and Citizenship A History of Women's Liberation

    1995-97 $ 210, 000

  • Australian Research Council (Large Grant)

    Chief Investigator : Professor Marilyn Lake

    Project : Women and Nation

    1996-98 $ 80,000

  • Australian Research Council (Large Grant)

    Chief Investigator : Professor Marilyn Lake

    Project : Biography of Mary Montgomerie Bennett

    1998-99 $50,000
  • Significant Contributions to this research
    Refereed Publications in the past five years

    Grimshaw, Patricia, Lake, Marilyn, McGrath, Ann and Quartly, Marian Creating a Nation, McPhee Gribble/Penguin, 1994, reprinted 1996, 2000, pp. 360. ( Lake wrote 4 of the 13 chapters and the Introduction).

    Lake, Marilyn Getting Equal The History of Feminism in Australia Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 1999, pp.304.

    Grimshaw, Patricia, Holmes, Katie and Lake, Marilyn eds. Women's Rights and Human Rights International Historical Perspectives, Palgrave, London, 2001. Lake, Marilyn FAITH Faith Bandler Gentle Activist Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 2002, pp. 233.

    Book Chapters

    Lake, Marilyn 'Why Women Should Vote Yes' in Uhr, John ed. The Case for Yes, Federation Press, Sydney, 1999, pp.121-31.

    Lake, Marilyn 'Rose Scott' in Headon, David etc Makers of Miracles MUP, 2000.

    Lake, Marilyn 'The Ambiguities for Feminists of National Belonging: Race and Gender in the Imagined Australian Community' in Blom,Ida, Hagemann, Karen and Hall, Catherine eds. Gendered Nations/Nationalisms in the long 19th Century Europe and Beyond Berg, Oxford/New York, 2000, pp. 159-76.

    Lake, Marilyn 'Australian and New Zealand Feminism' in Kramarae, Cheris and Spender, Dale eds. Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women Global Women's Issues and Knowledge Routledge, New York, 2001.

    Lake, Marilyn 'From Self-Determination via Protection to Equality via Non-Discrimination : Defining Women's Rights at the League of Nations and the United Nations' in Grimshaw, Patricia, Holmes, Katie and Lake, Marilyn eds. Women's Rights and Human Rights : International Historical Perspectives Palgrave, London, 2001, pp. 254-271.

    Lake, Marilyn 'Political Communities of Women' in Brookes, Barbara and Page, Dorothy eds. Communities of Women Historical Perspectives Otago University Press, Dunedin, 2002.

    Lake, Marilyn 'Woman, Black, Indigenous: Recognition Struggles in Dialogue' in Hobson, Barbara ed. Recognition Struggles and Social Movements Contested Identities, Power and Agency Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (UK), 2003 (forthcoming).

    Lake, Marilyn 'On Being a White Man, Australia, c.1901' in Hsu Ming Teo and White, Richard eds. Australian Cultural History University of NSW Press, Sydney, 2003 (forthcoming).

    Lake, Marilyn 'Translating Needs into Rights:The Discursive Imperative of the Australian White Man 1901-1930' in Stefan Dudink, Karen Hagemann and John Tosh eds. Masculinities in Politics and War: Gendering Modern History Manchester University Press, 2003 (forthcoming).

    Lake, Marilyn 'Feminism' in Brown-May, Andrew Melbourne Encyclopedia, 2003, (forthcoming).

    Journal Articles

    Lake, Marilyn 'Marriage as Bondage The Anomaly of the Citizen Wife' Australian Historical Studies 112, April 1999, pp.116-129.

    Lake, Marilyn 'Childbearers as Rights-bearers: feminist discourse on the rights of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal mothers in Australia, 1920-50' Women's History Review (UK) 8,2, 1999, pp. 347-363.

    Lake, Marilyn 'Negotiating Sexual Difference: 100 Years of Feminist Reform' Alternative Law Journal, 24,6, December 1999.

    Lake, Marilyn 'Mother, Race and Nation in a Welfare State' in Crawford, Patricia and Skene, Judy eds. Women and Citizenship: Suffrage Centenary Special Issue Studies in Western Australian History 19, 1999, pp. 114-26.

    Lake, Marilyn 'Citizenship as Non-Discrimination: Acceptance or Assimilationism? Political Logic and Emotional Investment in Campaigns for Aboriginal Rights in Australia, 1940 to 1970' Gender and History Special Issue: Gender, Citizenships and Subjectivities (USA) 13,3, November 2001, pp.566-592.

    Ten Career-best publications
    Other Evidence of Impact and Contributions to the Field
    Academic Awards, Distinctions, And Honours Ph.D. Thesis Award: Harbison-Higginbotham Prize, 1985. Awarded every two years by the University of Melbourne to the best thesis on an Australian subject in 'the following branches of knowledge : History, Economics, Politics, Administration, Government and Sociology'.

    The Limits of Hope (OUP, 1987): Shortlisted, Age Book of the Year, 1987.

    Creating a Nation ( McpheeGribble/Penguin, 1994 ): Winner, Human Rights Commission Award for Non-Fiction, 1994; short-listed Adelaide Writers' Festival Award for non-fiction, 1996.

    Elected Fellow, Academy of Humanities of Australia, 1995.

    Elected Fellow, Academy of Social Sciences of Australia, 1999.

    Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, University of Tasmania, 2000.

    Winner, Human Rights Award for FAITH Faith Bandler Gentle Activist, Allen and Unwin, 2002.

    International Conferences: Keynote, Plenary And Invitation-Only Papers

    Keynote Address, 'Women and War', A Warlike People: Stout Research Centre for the Study of New Zealand Society, History and Culture, 5th Annual Conference, Victoria University, Wellington, 1-3 July 1988.

    Invited Paper, 'The Independence of Women and the Brotherhood of Man', 'Crossing Boundaries', the 8th Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, Rutgers University, United States, 7-10 June 1990.

    Invited participant/commentator, International Symposium, 'Gender, Nationalisms and National Identities', Rockefeller Centre, Bellagio, Italy, 14-17 July 1992.

    Invited Paper, 'Feminism and Imperialism', Social Sciences History Association Conference, Chicago, 2-4 November 1992.

    Invited Paper, 'Race, Gender and Welfare States', International Symposium, 'Rethinking Women and Gender Relations in the Modern State', University of Bielefeld, Germany, 3-6 April 1993.

    Keynote Speaker, Conference on International Suffrage, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand, 26-28 August 1993.

    Invited Paper, 'Feminism and Colonialism', Social Sciences History Association conference, Baltimore, 4-6 November 1993.

    Plenary Speaker/Discussant, 'Family, Sex and Power, Women, Men and Historical Change', 18th International Congress of Historical Sciences, Montreal, Canada, 27 August-3 September 1995.

    Invited Paper 'Frontier Feminisms and the Marauding White Man', International Federation for Research in Women's History Conference 'Women, Colonialisms, Imperialisms and Nationalisms Through the Ages', Montreal, 30-31 August 1995.

    Keynote Speaker, 'Citizenship', 'Cross Currents : Internationalism, National Identity and Law', Australasian Law Teachers' Association, 50th Anniversary Conference, LaTrobe University, 29-30 September 1995.

    Invited Paper, 'Women's Liberation and Internationalism', 10th Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, United States, 7-9 June 1996.

    Invited Paper, 'What Can Citizenship Do for Women?', 'Culture and Citizenship', Inaugural Conference of the Australian Key Centre for Cultural and Media Policy, Brisbane, 30 September-2 October 1996.

    Invited participant, ongoing international symposium, 'Gender and Recognition Struggles', Advanced Research School in Comparative Gender Studies, Stockholm University, June 1996, October 1997, October 1998.

    Invited Paper, 'Colonised and Colonising: the Ambiguities of Feminism in a White Settler Society', 66th Anglo-American Conference of Historians, Institute of Historical Research, University of London, 2-4 July, 1997.

    Invited participant/paper giver, 'The Anomaly of Woman in a Homo-Social Culture', Symposium, 'Gendered Nations: Nationalisms and Gender Order in the Long 19th Century - International Comparisons', Center for Interdisciplinary Women's and Gender Studies, Technische Universitat, Berlin, 25-28 March 1998.

    Plenary Speaker, ' The Changing Definition of Human Rights: from Self-Determination to Non-Discrimination', International Federation for Research on Women's History Conference, 'Women and Human Rights, Social Justice and Citizenship', University of Melbourne, 30 June-2 July 1998.

    Invited Participant, Symposium, 'Towards a Global History of Contemporary Women's Movements', Rockefeller Centre, Bellagio, Italy, 17-21 April 2000.

    Keynote Address, 'Political Communities of Women', Conference, 'Communities of Women: Historical Perspectives', University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, 30 June-2 July 2000.

    Invited Paper, 'Feminism and Republicanism', 'Australia and Britain, 1900-2000: A Unique Partnership', 1901 Committee-Menzies Centre Conference, Australia House, London, 6-7 July 2000.

    Invited Paper, 'The Masculinity of Political discourse: The Representation of "Needs" as "Rights" in the Forging of the Australian Welfare State', Panel - Masculinity as Practice and Representation, 19th International Congress of Historical Sciences, University of Oslo, 6-13 August 2000.

    Invited Paper, 'The Ambiguities of Nationalism for Feminism in a Settler Society: The Issue of Complicity', Roundtable - Gender, Race, Xenophobia and Nationalism, 19th International Congress of Historical Sciences, University of Oslo, 6-13 August 2000.

    Opening Keynote Address, 'Imperialism as a Radical Resource', 'Comings and Goings' Annual Conference of the British Association for Australian Studies, Menzies Centre, King's College, London, 11-14 September 2000.
    Other International Presentations: Conference, Departmental And Seminar Papers
    'The Desire for a Yank: Sexual Relations between Australian Women and American Servicemen during World War 11' for panel: 'Australia and Hawaii During World War 11', American Historical Association Pacific Coast Branch, 84th annual meeting, Kona Coast, Hawaii, 14-18 August 1991.

    'The Desire for a Yank: American Servicemen in Australia during World War 11', History department, University of Chicago, USA, 9 October, 1991.

    'The Desire for a Yank: American Servicemen in Australia during World War 11', Ann Arbor University, Michigan, USA, 12 October 1991.

    'Imperialism and Feminism', Women, Colonialism and Commonwealth Seminar, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London, 28 October 1993.

    'Feminist Politics and Racial Identity', New Zealand Historical Association Conference, University of Auckland, 19-22 August 1994.

    'Feminist Theorisations of Citizenship, Australia 1900-45', Sociology and History, Essex University, UK, 9 October 1994.

    'Frontier Feminism. An Exploration of Feminism in the Imperial Context', History department, York University, Toronto, Canada, 14 September 1995.

    'Feminist Theorisations of Citizenship, Australia, 1900-45', Law and History post-graduate seminar, University of Iowa, USA, 18 September 1995.

    'Feminist Responses in Australia to the Dispossession of Aborigines', History Workshop, London Seminar, UK, 3 November 1997.

    'The Universal Declaration: A Triumph for the Rights of Man?', New Zealand Historical Association Conference, University of Waikato, New Zealand, 3-5 December 1999.

    'Feminism and the Politics of Difference: Relations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Women', Department of Contemporary History, University of Barcelona, Spain, 11 May 2000.

    'Mary Bennett: Imperialism as a Radical Resource', Panel, 'Vectors of Empire', North American Conference on British Studies, Toronto, 2-4 November 2001.

    'On Being a White Man, Australia, circa 1901', Department of History, Harvard University, USA, 7 March 2002.

    'On Being a White Man, Australia, circa 1901', Institute of Historical Research, University of London, UK, 14 March 2002.
    Visiting Fellowships And Presentation Of Named Lectures � Australia And Overseas
    John West Memorial Lecture, Launceston, 12 March 1993.

    Russell Ward Lecture, University of New England, 27 September 1995.

    Edith Cowan 'Women in Leadership' Lecture, Edith Cowan University, 15 November 1995.

    Fred Alexander Public Lecture, University of Western Australia, 15 April, 1997.

    Pamela Denoon Public Lecture, Australian National University, Canberra, 9 March 1999.

    Eldershaw Lecture, Hobart Town Hall, 10 April 2001.

    Dean's Lecture Series, University of Michigan, 2002.
    Australian Conferences: Keynote And Plenary Presentations

    Plenary Paper, 'Feminist Chauvinism', Jessie Street Centenary Conference, Women's College, University of Sydney, 15 April 1989.

    Plenary Paper, 'Peter Conrad's Tasmania', Centenary Seminar, University of Tasmania, 12-13 February 1990.

    Keynote Address, ' On the Feminist Challenge to Labour History', Labour History Conference, Melbourne Trades Hall Council, 10-12 July 1991.

    Keynote Address, 'The Uses of Individualism', The History of Australian Feminisms Conference, University of Sydney, 9-11 July 1992.

    Keynote Speaker, 'Frontier Feminism', Australian Frontiers Conference, Longreach, Australian Studies Centre, University of Queensland, 18-22 April, 1995.

    Keynote Speaker, 'Incorporating Gender into Historical Practice', New Privacies for Old in Historical Discourse, 11th Annual Conference, Centre for Tasmania, Historical Studies, 31 August 1996.

    Keynote Speaker, 'Feminist Ambivalence to National Identity', Centre for Tasmanian Historical Studies, 12th Annual Conference, 23 August 1997.

    Keynote Address: 'No Distinction of Any Kind: Modern Definitions of Human Rights', Human Rights, Human Wrongs Bigotry, Government and Social Change since 1949, Conference, Humanities Research Centre, Canberra, 10-12 November 2000.

    Keynote Address, 'How Faith, Jessie and Pearl Made History: A Celebration', History Teachers' Association of Victoria Annual Conference, Melbourne, 17 November 2000.

    Keynote Panel, 'The Aboriginal Australian-Fellowship: The Challenge of Coalition Politics', Labour History conference, 19-21 April 2001.

    Keynote Address, ' He is Part of Australia and She is Part of Him: The Political Erotics of the Nation-State', Nation and Narration conference, University of Queensland, 22 June 2001.

    Keynote Address ' Federation and the Repression of Difference: the Gendered Relations of National and International Governance', Federation Conference: the Australian Federation and Its Aftermath, University of Tasmania, 18 August 2001.

    Keynote Panels, 'Alternative Australias' and 'Macro and Micro Histories', Australian Historical Association 11th Biennial Conference, Griffith University, 4-6 July 2002.
    Invited Presentations In Australia
    Invited Paper ' What Makes Houses Historic?' History and Cultural Resources Seminar, Canberra, December 1985.

    Invited Paper, Feminism between the Wars, Seminar Series, 'Crosscurrents in Australian Cultural History, 1930-49', History department, Australian National University, 6 September 1991.

    Invited Panel Presentation, 'Post-Colonial Australia' at Post-Colonial Australia? Conference, University of Melbourne, 1 May 1992.

    Invited Paper, 'A Revolution in the Family: The Contradictions of Maternal Citizenship', Federation History Project Seminar, Macquarie University, 24 July 1992.

    Invited Paper, 'Feminism and Citizenship', Ideas for Australia Program, University of New South Wales, 20 August 1993.

    Invited Paper 'Could a Wife be a Citizen Too?' The Shaping of Institutions Conference, Australian Historical Association, Australian National University, 29 September-1 October 1993.

    Invited Paper, 'Masculinity and History', Symposium, Gender, Class and Modern Social History, University of Melbourne, 15 October 1993.

    Invited Paper, 'Frontier Feminism and the Marauding White Man', Explorations in Gender, Sexuality and History. A farewell symposium for Barbara Caine. University of Sydney, 13 May 1995.

    Commentator, 'Who Were Citizens?' Conference on Citizenship and History, Humanities Research Centre, 20 May 1995.

    Invited Paper, 'Feminist History as National History', Feminist History - Twenty years On Conference, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 9 June 1995.

    Invited Paper, 'Feminist History as National History: Women's Narratives of Identity' Summer School, Nationalism and National Identity, Humanities Research Centre, 12-16 February 1996.

    Invited Paper, 'Feminist Traditions of Anti-Racism', 'Is Racism Un-Australian?' Conference, Humanities Research Centre, 21-22 February 1997.

    Invited Paper, 'The Contradictions of Maternal Citizenship', Symposium, 'Re-Visiting Motherhood and Gender: New Histories of the "Private" and the "Public", University of Melbourne, 26 September, 1997.

    Invited Paper, ' "A Few People Will Draw Handsome Salaries": Rose Scott on Federation', 'Makers of Miracles' The Cast of the Federation Story Conference, Old Parliament House, Canberra, 16-18 October 1997.

    Interview/Conversation with Greg Denning and Michael Cathcart, 'Reading History/Writing History', Victorian Association for the Teaching of English, State Conference, 23-25 July 1998.

    Invited Paper, 'Why Women Need a Welfare State', National Conference of the Independent Scholars Association of Australia, 'Australia Observed', State Library of New South Wales, 1 August 1998.

    Invited Paper, 'The 50 Year Legacy of The Second Sex', Symposium Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex, University of Melbourne, 13 August 1999.

    Invited Paper, 'Triangle of Difference', Conference, 'Troubling Identities : Feminism's Relation to Cultural Difference', University of Adelaide, 28-29 February 2000.

    Invited Paper (Participating Chair), 'A Decent Privacy?', Challenging Australian History, discovering new narratives, National Library of Australia Conference, Canberra, 14-15 April 2000.

    Invited Paper, 'The Changing Meanings of Anti-Discrimination', Conference, 'Assimilation Then and Now', University of Sydney, 30 November & 1 December 2000.
    Other Conference Presentations In Australia
    Paper, 'Feminism and the Problem of Heterosexuality', Feminist History Conference, University of Melbourne, 21-22 July 1990.

    Paper, 'The Historiography of World War 1', An Anzac Muster, War and Society in Australia and New Zealand, Monash University, 20-23 September 1990.

    Paper, 'A Revolution in the Family: the Challenge and Contradiction of Maternal Citizenship', Australian Historical Association, 6th Biennial National Conference, Australian National University, 28 September-2 October 1992.

    Paper, 'Feminism and Nationalism', Catherine Hall Symposium, LaTrobe University, 11-12 September 1993.

    Paper, 'The Inviolable Woman: Feminist Conceptions of Citizenship, Australia, 1900-45', Australian Historical Association, 7th Biennial Conference, University of Western Australia, 26-30 September 1994.

    Paper, ' My Life as Ida Verlaine: Reading Kate Millett's Sexual Politics in Australia Now and Then', Australian Historical Association, 8th Biennial Conference, University of Melbourne, 26-30 July 1996.

    Paper, 'Changing Definitions of Human Rights: Implications for Australian Feminism', Australian Historical Association, 9th Biennial National Conference, University of Sydney, 6-10 July 1998.
    Other Public Presentations In Australia
    Paper 'Towards Equality', 'Time's Up' conference on equal pay and economic justice for women, Council of Action for Equal Pay, 13-15 September 1985, Melbourne.

    Paper, 'Women in Corporate Dramas', Australian Screen Studies Association seminar, 13 May 1989, State Film Centre, Melbourne. Address, 'Jessie Street', Union of Australian Women, Melbourne, 19 July 1989.

    Paper 'Counting for Nothing', Forum organised by the Italo-Australian Women's Association, Melbourne, 12 October 1989.

    Paper, 'Human Rights - Australia's Reconstruction: An Agenda for Women', Series of Public Seminars, Human Rights : Towards the Year 2000. National Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, LaTrobe University in conjunction with ABC Radio National, 17 July 1990.

    Paper, 'The Importance of Work', Young Australia Expo', Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne, 1 August 1990.

    Paper, 'Work in Society', VCE Australian Studies, Australian Centre, University of Melbourne, Bendigo, 8 August 1990.

    Paper, 'Private and Political Anger in the 1950s', Anger Conference, State Library of New South Wales, 13 October 1990.

    'Inspirational Speaker', Victorian Women's Trust, Retreat Day, 13 April 1991.

    Guest Speaker, Access-Age International Women's Day Lunch, Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne, May 1991.

    Paper, Historians on History Forum, 1991, the History Institute of Victoria, 19 May 1991.

    Invited Address, 'Women in Unions', Melbourne Trades Hall Council, 9 July 1991.

    Paper 'What's the Use of Women's Studies?', Conference of Victorian Women's Studies Association, 29 February 1992.

    Reading and Talk re Creating a Nation, Celebrating Women Festival, National Gallery of Victoria, 5 March 1994.

    Invited Address, 'The Achievements of Feminism', Melbourne Grammar School, 20 May 1994.

    Talk, 'Feminist History', Australian Federation of University Women, University of Melbourne, 18 May 1995.

    Graduation Address, LaTrobe University, 19 May 1995.

    Paper, 'Reconceptualising Australian Music History', Centennial Conference, University of Melbourne, 9 June 1995.

    Talk, 'Australia Remembers', Balwyn Library, National Book Council, 29 July 1995.

    Guest Speaker, 'Rewriting Australia, Rewriting Women', Salamanca Writers' Festival, 15-16 March 1996.

    Speaker, Forum with Beatrix Campbell, 'The Women's Guide to Surviving Thatcher, Kennett, Howard and the Nasty Nineties', Migrant Resource Centre, Melbourne, 12 May 1996.

    Guest Speaker, 'Flagging Our National Attachments', Flagging the Republic, Exhibition and Public Seminar, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Gallery, 20 June 1996.

    Senate Lecture, 'Women's Changing Concepts of Political Power', Occasional Lecture Series, Australian Senate, 20 September 1996.

    Invited Address, 'Civics and Citizenship Education'. Curriculum Corporation National Conference, Melbourne, 25 July 1996.

    Invited Address, 'The Head of State', Schools Constitutional Convention, Sienna College, Melbourne, August 1996.

    Invited Address 'Conditions for an Effective Anti-Racist Politics', Asia-Pacific Anti-militarism Forum', Brunswick Town Hall, Melbourne, 28 March-1 April 1997.

    Keynote Address, Opening Lecture in Series, ' An Effective Politics for Women's Freedom', Defining Women's Rights for the 21st Century, Women into Politics Inc., Parliament House, Sydney, New South Wales, 29 April 1997.

    After-Dinner Speaker, Women's Constitutional Convention, 29-30 January 1998.

    Panellist, Discussion of Carmel Bird's The Stolen Children Their Stories, Eltham Bookshop at Montsalvat, 6 April 1998.

    Participating Chair, forum 'Who's Afraid of Feminism?', Trades Hall Council, 4 May 1998.

    Invited Address, 'A Republic : What Might We Expect?' National Convention for Republicans, February, 1999.

    Speaker, Panel 'Exorcising the Van Diemens', Melbourne Writers' Festival, 21 August, 1999.

    Participating Chair, Panel 'She'll be Right Mate', Melbourne Writers' Festival, 25 August 1999.

    Opening Speaker, Women Gathering, Elwood/St Kilda Learning Centre, 9 October, 1999.

    Guest Speaker, Northcote High School Graduation Ceremony, 20 October, 1999.

    Public Lecture, 'Defining Women's Rights as Human Rights', University of Tasmania, 30 October 1999.

    Public Lecture, 'The Limits to Equality', Sydney Institute, Sydney, 8 March 2000.

    Keynote Speaker, 'Moving Ahead', Australian Education Union, Victorian branch, Annual Women's Conference, 3 June 2000, Melbourne.

    Speaker, Writers in Focus programme, State Library of Victoria, 20 June 2000, Melbourne.

    Paper, 'Feminism and Humanism', Humanist Society of Victoria, 27 July 2000.

    Public Lecture 'Jessie Street and International Networks of Reform', Jessie Street Trust, YWCA, Sydney, 26 November 2000.

    Occasional Address, Graduation Ceremony, University of Tasmania, 13 December 2000.

    International Women's Day, Luncheon Address, Public Service and Merit Protection Agency, Melbourne, 8 March 2001.

    Speaker, 'Symbolism and the Republic', Melbourne Republican Group, Ormond College, 16 March 2001.

    Federation Lecture, Politics Society, Latrobe University, 2 May 2001.

    Regular Contributor to Radio Programs for 3LO and Radio National, including 3LO 'Morning Show', 'Evening Show', Radio National 'Encounter', 'Australia Talks Back', 'Late Night Live', 'Life Matters' and Diverse 'Open Learning' Series.
    Conference Organisation
    Member, Women and Labour Conference Group, Melbourne, 1977.

    Co-Convenor, Forum on The Teaching of History in Schools, Collingwood Football Club, 24 July 1987.

    Member, Organising Committee, Women in Italian Culture Conference, LaTrobe University, 3-5 July, 1992.

    Co-Convenor, Woman and the State, Conference of the Network for Research in Women's History and the Australian Historical Association, 30 September 1992.

    Convenor, Catherine Hall Symposium, 'Nation, Gender and Class', La Trobe University, September, 1993.

    Co-Convenor, Australian Historical Association, 8th Biennial Conference, University of Melbourne, July 1996.

    Member, Organising Committee, International Federation for Research on Women's History Conference, Women and Human Rights, Social Justice and Citizenship, University of Melbourne, June 1998.
    Editorial Board Membership
    Member of the following Editorial Boards:

    Abstracts on Women (UK)

    Australian Feminist Studies

    Journal of Australian Studies

    Labour History

    The New Federalist The Journal of Australian Federation History

    Social Politics International Studies in Gender, State and Society (USA).

    External Examiner And Assessor
    Reader of manuscripts for publishers: Allen and Unwin, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Queensland University Press, Penguin.

    Reader of articles for journals, including Australian Historical Studies, Labour History, Australian Feminist Studies, The New Federalist, Gender and History (UK/USA) and Women's History Review (UK).

    External Examiner of Post-Graduate theses for Universities in Australia and overseas: Cape Town University, Monash University, Murdoch University, the University of Auckland, the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of Western Australia, University of Queensland.

    Australian Research Council, regular assessor of applications (an average of 5-6 per year) for Large Research Grants; International Expert Examiner for Discovery Grants.
    Public Appointments, Consultancies, And Other Recognition
    Member, Council of Monash University, 1985-89.

    Member, Council of Museum of Victoria, 1985-89.

    Member, Melbourne Committee to organise Judy Chicago Dinner Party Exhibition, 1988.

    Member, Museum of Victoria, Appointments Panel, and Historical Consultant, from 1990 -. Consultant, Chronicle of Australia, 1990/1991.

    Member, CATS Panel, VCE Australian Studies, 1991-94.

    Subject of Sculpture, 'Return of the Goddess' installation, portraits in fired ceramic, celebrating the 'pioneering and leadership' of Victorian women. Opened 5 November 1994.

    Consultant, 'Deconstructing Melbourne', the Melbourne Exhibition, Old Treasury Building, Melbourne, September 1995.

    Commission, Curriculum Corporation, to write bibliographic essay on 'Women and Citizenship in Australia', January 1996.

    Member, Reference Group, Strategic Disciplinary Review of Research and Research Training in the Humanities, Australian Academy of the Humanities, 1997.

    Historical Consultant, Film Australia, Love and Feminism ( A History of Feminism in Australia), 1999-.

    External Member, Professorial Promotions Committee, Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne.

    Consultant, BHP, Corporate Human Resources, forum on Acceleration of Organisational Change, March 2000.

    Consultant/Member of Steering Committee, Victorian Women's Trust, Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives, Federation History project, 2000-2001.

    Member, Executive, InASA (International Australian Studies Association), 2000-.

    Member, History Council of Victoria, 2001-.

    Member, Judging Panel, Non-Fiction, Victorian Premier's Literary Awards, 2002.
    Research Supervisions
    David Atkin 'Aristocracy of Muscle: Meatworkers, Masculinity and Trade Unionism in the 1950s', MA, History, 1992.

    Alison O'Keefe 'The Participation of Women in Five Victorian Unions', MA, Women's Studies, 1992.

    Catriona Elder ' The Question of the Unmarried Woman: Meanings of Singleness in Australia in the 1930s', MA, Women's Studies, 1992.

    Cheryl Crockett 'Marriage, Motherhood and Dependency: "Working Mothers" in Urban Melbourne, 1890-1940', Ph.D., History, 1995.

    Esther Faye 'Cut Out, Stitched In, Not Sewn Up. Producing the Adolescent as Schoolchild: A Case Study of Education and Psychology in Victoria, 1945-1965', Ph.D., History, 1995.

    Fiona Paisley 'Ideas Have Wings: White Women Challenge Aboriginal Policy 1920-1937'. Ph.D., Women's Studies, 1996.

    Heather Gunn '"For the Man on the Land": Rural Women and the Victorian National Party 1917-1996', Ph.D., History, 1997.

    Gillian Hewitson 'The Subject of NeoClassical Economics: A Feminist Investigation', Ph.D., Business Studies/Women's Studies, 1998.

    Amanda Paul 'Making a Commonwealth: Gender, Nation and Work at the First Australian Exhibition of Women's Work', MA, History, 1998.

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