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 participants: jennifer strauss
 Jennifer Strauss
Associate Professor
School of Literary, Visual and Cultural Studies Monash University

Significant contributions to this research field
My contributions to the research field of Australian literary studies have involved the bringing together of my training as a literary critic (especially in the areas of 'close reading' analysis and feminist theory) with a developing interest in scholarly editing and in literary history as inextricably linked to cultural history. One distinctive element has been a particular interest in the genre of poetry, an interest in part determined by the fact that I am myself a practising poet (see below).

This intersection of interests can be exemplified in many of the publications listed below, but especially in recent major research projects. The Complete Verse of Mary Gilmore, edited for the Academy of the Humanities, received an ARC large grant 1994-1996, but proved to be a much larger project than originally understood, involving as it did the location of over 1300 poems published in widely divergent fields between 1887 and 1960 and their subsequent collation and annotation. I can confidently assert that it demonstrates scholarly persistence and the capacity to finally complete, at considerable personal expense, a very large project. The Oxford Literary History of Australia was co-edited with Bruce Bennett, and my contributing chapter 'Literary Culture 1914-1939: Battlers All', undertaken mainly because no other contributor wanted the topic, is largely responsible for whetting my appetite for further research in this rather neglected period. It exemplifies my readiness, even as a late career researcher to take on new fields.

I believe I am now a major authority on Gilmore, while my full-length studies of Gwen Harwood and Judith Wright are standard references works for these major poets, and demonstrate awareness of the need to adopt critical approaches relevant to the essential nature of the work of different writers. (Publication details of works referred to are given below).
Research Projects
Grants include:1998 Small ARC of $5, 500; 1995: ARC Small Grant of $7,000;1994: 3-Year ARC Large Grant of $55,000 and separate ARC Small Grant of $7,000; 1992: ARC Large Grant of $15,000 and separate ARC Small Grant of $5,000.

*In Press: Collected Verse of Mary Gilmore: Volume One, 18871929. Ed. In proof for 2004 publication. Volume Two (1930-1962) is completed and will be published in 2005.


*'Mary Gilmore, she died in the faith'. In 'Unemployed at Last!': Essays on Australian Literature to 2002 for Julian Croft. Ed. Ken Stewart and Shirley Walker. Armidale, NSW: Centre for Australian Studies, University of New, England, 2002, pp. 59-71.

*'Judith Wright – A Tribute'. In Austral-Asian Encounters: From Literature and Women's Studies to Politics and Tourism. Ed. Cynthia vanden Driesen and Satendra Nandan. New Delhi: Prestige Books, 2002, pp. 30-34.

'“Vision that keeps the night and saves the day”: Whose is the task defined in “An Epistle from Holofernes”?' In The Double Looking Glass: New and Classic Essays on the Poetry of A. D. Hope. Ed. David Brooks. St Lucia: University of Queensland Press, 2000, pp. 181-201.

'A Note on Mary Gilmore's Uruguayan Anthology', Australian Literary Studies 19 (1999), pp. 224–5.
Ten Career-best Publications
*'Literary Culture 1914-1939: Battlers All'. In The Oxford Literary History of Australia. Ed. Bruce Bennett and Jennifer Strauss. Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1998

*Judith Wright. Australian Writers Series. Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1995.

*The Oxford Book of Australian Love Poems. (Ed.). Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1993. Reprinted 1994, 1997.

*Boundary Conditions: The Poetry of Gwen Harwood. Studies in Australian Literature. St Lucia: University of Queensland Press, 1992. 2nd edn. 1996. Now out of print but under contract for republication by the Australian Research Institute, Curtin Univesity.

*'Are Women's Novels Feminist Novels? An Australian Perspective'. In Major Minorities English Literatures in Transit. Cross/Cultures: Readings in Post/Colonial Literatures in English 11. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1993. 35-53.

*'Stubborn Singers of Their Full Song: Mary Gilmore and Lesbia Harford'. In Time to Write: Australian Women Writers 1890-1930. Ed. Kay Ferres. Ringwood: Penguin, 1993, pp.108-38.

*'Empire, History and Other Grand Illusions in Peter Carey's Oscar and Lucinda.' Aspects of Commonwealth Literature Vol 1. Ed. Liz Gunner. Collected Seminar Papers No 39. London: Institute of Commonwealth Studies, 1990. 97-107.

*'Poetic Identities: An Experiment.' Poetry and Gender: Issues in Australian Women's Poetry and Poetics. Ed. David Brooks and Brenda Walker. St Lucia: University of Queensland Press, 1989. 165-74.

'Patrick White's Versions of Pastoral.' World Literature Written in English. 24 (1984): 273-87.

*'“Within the bounds of feminine sensibility”?: The Poetry of Harwood, Dobson and Wright.' Meanjin 38 (1979): 334-49.

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Jennifer Strauss
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