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 participants: jock collins
 Jock Collins
School of Finance and Economics
University of Technology Sydney

Research Projects
I have held external research grants in the field of ethnic diversity from the Australian Research Council (1989-90) as co-investigator ($46,000) and the Australian National Training Authority 1996 as Chief investigator ($96,000). I have been Chief Investigator of two ARC SPIRT Grants investigating aspects of Sydney's cultural diversity.
My most significant contributions to this research field
I have been conducting research into economic, social and political aspects of Australian immigration and Australia's cultural diversity since the early 1970s. I have published I am the sole author of Migrant Hands in a Distant Land: Australia's Post-war Immigration (Pluto Press, Sydney and London: 1988 and 1991) and am the co-author or co-editor of five other books, author of over 20 articles in national and international refereed journals, four chapters in internationally published books and seventeen chapters in Australian-published books.

My publications in the research field of the impact of ethnic communities on the built environment in Australian cities, regional and rural areas are: Jock Collins and Antonio Castillo, Cosmopolitan Sydney: Exploring the world in one city (Pluto Press, Sydney and London, 1998) and Jock Collins, Leticia Mondello, John Bhrenney and Tim Childs Cosmopolitan Melbourne, Explore The World in One City (Big Box Publishing, Sydney, 2001). These two books look at over 100 different ethnic groups in Melbourne and Sydney, their history, socio-economic profile, ethnic organizations, ethnic media, ethnic festivals, churches and other ethnic landmarks. They also outline ethnic precincts in both cities, including maps of each ethnic precinct. A similar book is being written for Western Australia with Dr Nonja Peters. These books are pioneering explorations into the economic, social, cultural legacy of immigrant settlement in Australian cities. I have also written significantly on the related field of ethnic entrepreneurship.

Bin Laden in the Suburbs: Criminaling the Arab Other, by Scott Poynting, Greg Noble, Paul Tabar and Jock Collins (Federation Press, Sydney, forthcoming)

Collins, Jock, Noble, G., Poynting, S. and Tabar, P. (2000) Kebabs, Kids Cops and Crime: Youth Ethnicity and Crime (Pluto Press, Sydney and London)

Collins, Jock and Castillo, Antonio (1998) Cosmopolitan Sydney: Exploring the world in one city, Sydney: Pluto Press.

Journal Articles

"Cultural Diversity and Entrepreneurship: policy responses to immigrant entrepreneurs in Australia" Journal of Entrepreneurship & Regional Development Special issue on Ethnic minority enterprise: policy in practice, edited by Monder Ram & David Smallbone, Volume 15 Number 2/April-June 2003

"Chinese Entrepreneurs: The Chinese Diaspora in Australia" International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research, Vol 8, No 1/2 2002, pp. 113-133.

Collins, J (2000), 'Ethnicity, gender and Australian entrepreneurs: Rethinking Marxist views on Small Business', Journal of Social Change and Critical Inquiry, Number 2, September,

"Review Article, Ghassan Hage White Nation: Fantasies of White Supremacy in Multicultural Society, Pluto Press, Sydney, 1999", Australian Journal of Social Issues, Vol 34, No. 4, November 1999, pp. 387-394.

Conference Proceedings

Collins, Jock and Poynting, S. “Communities, Identities and Inequalities in Western Sydney” in Collins, Jock and Poynting, S. (eds.) The Other Sydney: Communities, Identities and Inequalities in Western Sydney (Common Ground, 2000), pp. 19-33 [refereed conference proceedings]

Jock Collins “The Other Sydney: Cultural and Social Diversity in Western Sydney” in Collins, Jock and Poynting, S. (eds.) The Other Sydney: Communities, Identities and Inequalities in Western Sydney (Common Ground, 2000), pp. 34-60 [refereed conference proceedings]

Collins, J. (1998), 'Immigrant unemployment and ethnic small business in Australia' in Carson, E., Jamrozic, A. and Winefield, T. (Eds) Unemployment: Economic Promise and Political Will, Australian Academic Press, Brisbane, pp. 133-147 [refereed conference proceedings].

Other Evidence of Impact and Contributions to the Field
In 2002 I held the Willie Brandt Guest Professorship in International Migration and Ethnic Relations at the University of Malmo, Sweden. I am on the advisory board of two international migration journals (International Migration Review, Journal of International Migration and Integration). I am part of an international research network funded by the European Scientific Foundation (ESF) investigating the links between ethnic diversity and tourism. In December 2003 I presented a paper titled “Cosmopolitan Tourism Down Under: Immigration, Ethnic Diversity and Tourism in Melbourne and Sydney” to the European Scientific Foundation Workshop on The Immigrant Tourist Industry : an Exploratory Workshop on the Commodification of Cultural Resources in Cosmopolitan Cities held at the University of Amsterdam, December 6-9, 2003. Routledge will publish the conference papers. This field of research into the interface of tourism and ethnic diversity is beginning to develop internationally and I am undergoing comparative research into “Tourism and Ethnic Diversity in Amsterdam, Sydney and Vancouver with Dr Jan Rath of the University of Amsterdam and Professor Dan Hiebert from the University of British Columbia.

I have held research grants from the Canadian Government (1992) for a comparative study of Australian and Canadian immigration and multiculturalism and the Dutch Scientific Council (NWO) in 2001 for a comparative study of ethnic entrepreneurship in Australia, Canada and the Netherlands. I was a member of an international network to study ethnic entrepreneurship funded by the European Commission in 2000 an 2001, attending meetings in Amsterdam, Jerusalem and Liverpool. I am the Australian representative in an international comparative research project on immigration in eight countries funded by the Toyota Foundation and attended a meeting in Tokyo in November 2001. I have been Chief Investigator for two ARC SPIRT Grants: “Sydney's Ethnic Diversity and the 2000 Olympic Games” (1998-2000) and “Youth, ethnicity and crime in Sydney" (2000-01). I was a Part-Time Member of the Australian Refugee Review Tribunal (1995-97) and I am a member of the Advisory Board of the International Migration Review. I was a consultant to the NSW Ethnic Affairs Commission to write a report on “Ethnic Entrepreneurs in NSW” and a consultant to the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs in 2000 Collins (with the Council of Small Business Associations of Australia) to conduct research into “Government communication with Ethnic Small Business in Sydney”. I have been a member of the judging panel of the NSW Ethnic Affairs Commission's National Multicultural Marketing Awards (1998. 1998, 1999) and of the NSW Premiers Public Sector Awards (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001).

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Jock Collins
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