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 participants: chilla bulbeck
 Chilla Bulbeck
Foundation Chair in Women's Studies
Department of Social Inquiry
University of Adelaide

Research Projects

ARC projects last 5 years

Finding Feminism: The impact of generation, class and feminism on women's experiences, identities and life chances.

Cross-cultural differences in women's experiences and understandings of feminism and midlife. Investigators: Prof Chilla Bulbeck, A/Prof Chueh Chang, Dr Patricia Robyn Uberoi

Failing feminism? Generational, gender and socio-economic differences in the impact of feminism on the life course and values of Australians

Significant Contributions to this research

Over most of my research career I have sought to explore the complications of gender through difference, moving through the following challenges to the category 'woman' as a research object and political unity: ·
  • class (poverty, inequality, inclusion and exclusion: see, for example, Shadow of the Hill) ·
  • nation and ethnicity (globalisation, regionalism, nationalism, international movements) (see my three monographs: One World Women's Movement, Australian Women in Papua New Guinea and Re-orienting Western Feminisms: Women's Diversity in a Post-Colonial World and ARC IREX grant on cross-cultural midlife experiences) ·
  • and most recently of generation (youth, 'waves' of feminism) (for example see Living Feminism; 'Class, ethnicity and generations' in Australian Feminism: A Companion and ARC grant 'Failing feminism?').

    The most fertile aspect of my research approach is my wide interdisciplinary reach, underpinned with degrees in economics, sociology, law; teaching experience in political economy, sociology, women's/gender studies, Australian studies, philosophy and legal studies; publications in history, sociology, and women's studies. I bring this interdisciplinary approach and its wide-ranging scholarship to bear on a unique international comparative perspective that allows me to analyse gender issues in the unsettling frame of both history and geography, and thus interrogate taken-for-granted assumptions about gender relations. Thus my strongest impact on international scholarship is my reframing of western feminist issues through the eyes of 'other' women. Re-Orienting Western Feminisms has been reprinted twice and is widely read in the United States and elsewhere, a fact brought home to me when I present seminars and conference papers in Asia and North America. As can be seen from my proposal for this fellowship, most of the secondary literature on which I base my cross-cultural comparative analysis is written by area studies experts and limits itself to analyses of one country or perhaps a comparison of two nations. My proposed monographs combine my demonstrated capacity in (1) multidisciplinary analysis (2) cross-national comparison and (3) social science research methods research and analysis to ask uniquely framed questions about young people, socio-economic inequality, globalisation and changing gender identities and attitudes.

    Book Chapters

    Bulbeck, Chilla (2003), 'Western feminisms: through the eyes of the 'other"' in Delys Bird, Wendy Were and Terri-Ann White (eds) Future Imaginings: Sexualities and Genders in the New Millenium Crawley, Perth: University of Western Australia Press, pp.11-25

    Bulbeck, Chilla (2000) 'Issues for Australian Feminism: the end of "the universal woman"?' in Paul Boreham, Geoffrey Stokes and Richard Hall (eds) The Politics of Australian Society: Political Issues for the New Century. Addison, Wesley, Longman: Frenchs Forest, Sydney, pp.80-91, revised and reprinted in 2003

    Bulbeck, Chilla and Carter, David (eds) (2000) Exploring Australia Nathan: School of Humanities, Griffith University. I wrote or co-wrote the 'Introduction', 'Histories of Australia', 'Immigrants and multiculturalism: British past and Asian future?', 'Aboriginal policy and identity' (with Anna Haebich), 'Australian men and women: gender relations in Australian institutions', 'Citizenship and the welfare state' (with Hyung Shik Kim). The book was written as an Australian studies text for Korean university students, with funding support from the Australia-Korea Council and is being translated into Chinese.

    Bulbeck, Chilla (1999) '"Asian" women respond to "Australian" culture' in Yen-Fen Tseng, Chilla Bulbeck, Lan-Hung Nora Chiang and Jung-Ching Hsu (eds.) Asian Migration: Pacific Rim Dynamics Taipei: Interdisciplinary Group for Australian Studies, National Taiwan University, pp.233-257

    Journal Articles

    Bulbeck, Chilla (2004) 'Angry disloyalties: how young South Australians include and exclude others when discussing contemporary social and political issues', forthcoming, Journal of Australian Studies

    Bulbeck, Chilla (2003) '"I wish to become the leader of women and give them equal rights in society": how young Australians and Asians understand feminism and the women's movement', forthcoming, JIGS: Journal of Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, 7(1/2)

    Bulbeck, Chilla (2002) 'Asian Perspectives on Western Feminism: Interrogating the Assumptions', China Report 38(2): 179-191

    Bulbeck, Chilla (2002) 'South Australian Youth Identities and Political Beliefs: Between Colonial Heritage and Globalisation?' Ouvertures, Les Cahiers du CICLaS, II, number one, September, Université Paris IX-Dauphine, Paris, ISSN 1637-7060, pp. 121-145.

    Bulbeck, Chilla (2001) 'Histories of the Australian women's movement as represented in feminist journals', Lilith, number 10:18-40

    Bulbeck, Chilla (2001) ''Articulating Structure and Agency: How Women's Studies Students Express Their Relationships with Feminism' Women's Studies International Forum, 24(2): 141-156

    Bulbeck, Chilla (2001) 'Speaking Menopause: Intersections between Asian and Western Medical Discourses' Intersections, Issue 5, May

    Bulbeck, Chilla (2001) 'Feminism by Any Other Name?: skirting the generation debate' Outskirts: Feminisms Along the Edge 8 (May) (ISSN 1445-0445)

    Chilla Bulbeck (2000) 'The "space between" or why does the gap between "us" and "them" look like an unbridgeable chasm?' Asian Journal of Women's Studies 6(3):36-64
    Ten Career-best publications

    Bulbeck, Chilla (1998) Re-orienting Western Feminisms: Women's Diversity in a Post-Colonial World Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Featured in the International Feminist Journal of Politics' 'rethinking the canon' series: Anne Sisson Runyan 1999. 'Rethinking the canon: reflections on a text that ought to be essential reading' International Feminist Journal of Politics 1(3):487-490

    Bulbeck, Chilla (1997) Living Feminism: The Impact of the Women's Movement on Three Generations of Australian Women Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

    Bulbeck, Chilla (1992) Australian Women in Papua New Guinea: Colonial Passages 1920-1960 Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

    Bulbeck, Chilla (1992) Social Sciences in Australia Sydney: Harcourt Brace and Jovanovich

    Bulbeck, Chilla (1988) One World Women's Movement London: Pluto

    Bulbeck, Chilla and Heath, Colleen (1985) Shadow of the Hill Fremantle: Fremantle Arts Centre Press

    Chapters and articles in refereed journals

    Bulbeck, Chilla (1998) 'Treating Ourselves to a Republic' in Moira Gatens and Alison Mackinnon (eds) Gender and Institutions: Welfare, Work and Citizenship Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp.167-184

    Bulbeck, Chilla, (1994) 'Hybrid Feminisms: The Australian Case' Journal of Women's History 6(3):112-125, translated into Korean and reprinted in So-Young Lee (editor and translator) Australian Feminisms in Action: Women's Movement and Cultural Politics of Practice ChungAng University, Australian Studies Series II, Seoul: Ji-Gu Publishing

    Bulbeck, Chilla (1991) 'Australian History Set in Concrete? The Influence of the New Histories on Australian Memorial Construction' Journal of Australian Studies, 28:3-16 awarded the John Barrett Prize in Australian Studies 1990-91

    Encyclopaedia contributions

    Bulbeck, Chilla (1998) 'Class, ethnicity, and generations' in Barbara Caine et al (eds) Australian Feminism: A Companion Melbourne: Oxford University Press, pp32-39
    Other evidence of Impact and Contributions to the Field
    My contribution to the field can be measured in terms of an ongoing strong quantitative output as well as recognition by an international audience for my contribution to the interdisciplinary fields of gender studies/Australian studies. My output since 1980 consists of 7 books (one co-authored, one a revised edition), 21 chapters (several co-authored, one a revision), 24 refereed journal articles (several co-authored), 5 edited collections), and twenty research grants (worth $273,200) or consultancies (worth $28,500). For the research project that led to Living Feminism, I was placed on the reserve list for an ARC fellowship and later won a secondment to the Reshaping Australian Institutions Project in the Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University.

    I have delivered lectures, seminars or conference papers in England, Poland, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Japan, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. My work has been translated into Korean, Mandarin, Polish, and Japanese. I have been published in international journals, such as Women's Studies International Forum (regional editors across the world), Journal of Women's History (USA), Cultures of the Commonwealth: Essays and Studies (France), Pakistan Journal of Women's Studies, Lila (Philippines) and China Report (India), as well as an interdisciplinary array of Australian journals: Journal of Australian Studies, Journal of Sociology, Meanjin, Hecate, Australian Women's Studies, Lilith, Intersections, Historical Studies, Labour History, Australian Journal of Politics and History, Journal of Industrial Relations.

    I hold the only chair of women's studies in Australia and have been appointed as a professor or visiting professor at five universities: Adelaide, Griffith, University of Western Australia, University of South Australia and Tokyo University (visiting professor of Australian Studies 2002-2003). I have also taught at Beijing Foreign Studies University (on four occasions, including a semester in 1993). I am on the editorial board or act as a referee for over ten journals, have been a reader for Palgrave Macmillan, Cambridge University Press and Allen and Unwin, and an external examiner for twenty postgraduate theses while I am presently supervising or co-supervising 5 postgraduate students whose research interests are gender studies in cross-cultural perspective. I have acted as an assessor for the ARC and for grant committees in universities in Hong Kong and New South Wales.
    Research Supervisions
    completed PhD

    Greg Ogle (1998-2000, thesis passed without any required changes and highly commended by examiners): 'Between Statistical Imperatives and Theoretical Obsessions: An Inquiry Into the Definition and Measure of the Economy'

    Ainsley Harper (1999-2001, thesis passed without any required corrections and highly commended by examiners): 'Socio/Legal Research on Sexually Transmitted Debt'

    Donna Chung (1998-2003): 'Dating Violence in Adolescence'

    Still under supervision

    Ali Ben Kahn (1998-): 'Women's strategies for conservation/biodiversity/land management in the development process'

    Edith Miguda (2000-): Women in Politics in Kenya and Australia: A comparative study

    So Fei Wong (2002-) 'Futoko or non-school attendance movement in Japan'

    Tomoko Hidaka (2003-), 'Corporate warrior or company animal? Masculinities of the Japanese salaryman'

    Alia Imtoual (2003-) 'The identities of young Muslim Australian women'

    Pam Papadelos (1998-) 'Feminist research and poststructuralist practices'

    Yuko Nakamura (2002-) 'Beyond invisible motherhood: women who choose not to have children and ideology'

    Michelle Jones (2003-) 'The cycle of violence or violence recycled: the meaning of domestic violence in contemporary culture'

    Short-term supervision

    Deb Long (1998, changed supervisor): 'Fluid connections: knowledges of bodily fluids'

    Ben Mudge (1998-9, enrolled in London University): 'Men's anti-violence strategies'

    Peter Nielson (1998, changed institution): 'Using new technologies for global politics'

    Pru La Motte (2000-2002, withdrew due to ill health): 'The Politics of Shame: the case of child adoption'

    Christyana Bambacas (1999-2000, changed supervisor): 'A feminist analysis of the white wedding as constructed by popular discourses'

    Anne Morris (2003-) 'Accommodations and resistances to gendered understandings of maternal alienation in two organisational contexts'

    Sally Gibson (2003-) 'Public controversies around sex education'


    Jenny Raynor (1998), Anne Woodward (1998-9), Jo Dyer (1998-9, withdrew), Vera Laguna (1998-9, withdrew), Chonmasri Patcharapimon (1998-9), Yuko Nakamura (2002-)


    Katie Emmel (1999, withdrew), Julie Hanson (2000), Amrita Desvarma (2000)
    Teaching Programs
    2002-2003: Visiting Professor of Australian Studies, Centre for Pacific and American Studies, Komaba Campus, The University of Tokyo October 2002 - 17 July 2003, selected by University of Tokyo and Australia-Japan Foundation
    The International Australian Studies Association

    Australian Women's Studies Association

    The Australian Sociological Association

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