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 participants: kay saunders
 Kay Saunders
Professor in History
University of Queensland

Research Projects
2002-4 Australian Research Council Award, large grant.
1999 National Archives of Australia Grant
1998 Russell Ward Memorial Lecture, University of New England, Australia
1994-1996 National Australia Day Council Grant - Official Federation History
1994-1994 Australian Research Council Grant (major)
1992 Nomination of Gender Relations in Australia for National Human Rights Award (short listed)
1988 -1990 University of Queensland Foundation Grant
1990 British Academy Grant
1979- 81 Australian Research Grants Scheme Award (large grant).
Significant Contributions to this research
Current Major Research Projects:
  • Constitutional History:
  • Pauline Hanson, Globalization and the Race Debate.
  • The Miss Australia Quest
  • Internment and national minorities during war.
  • Sir Robert Menzies's analysis of the rule of law and central powers of the Constitution.

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2001 'Reconciling our Mothers' Lives: Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Women coming together', (co-author), in P. Grimshaw, et al (Eds.) Women's Rights, Human Rights: International Perspectives, Basingstoke, Palgrave, pp.88- 104.

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1999 "Sir Samuel Griffith and the Constitution. Australian Democrat and Welsh Aristocrat" in D. Headon and John Williams (Eds.) A Series of Miracles: Writing the Constitution, Melbourne, Cambridge University Press, pp.33 - 43.

Journal Articles

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2000. "'The Freest Spirit of Australasian Democracy;'" The 1899 Constitutional Bill Referenda Campaigns in New South Wales and Queensland, Canberra Historical Journal, no. 45, pp. 2-14.

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1999 'Visionaries and Planners: Washington DC and Canberra: Pierre L'Enfant's and Walter Burley Griffiths Visions' Canberra Historical Journal no. 43, pp. 9-19.

1999 "'With Characteristic Big Vision" Walter Burley Griffith and the Design of Canberra' The New Federalist, no. 3, pp. 81-87.

Ten career-best publications 2001 The World's First Labor Government, Brisbane, RQHS, (co-editor).

2000 Alien Justice: Internment in Twentieth Century North America and Australia (with Roger Daniels). St. Lucia, The University of Queensland Press.

1998 Paul Hasluck: His Place in Australian History (co-edited with C. T. Stannage and Richard Nile, St Lucia, The University of Queensland Press.

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1992 Gender Relations in Australian History: Domination and Negotiation (co-editor with Raymond Evans), Sydney, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

1992 Australia's Frontline: Remembering the Second World War 1939-45 (co-author) St. Lucia, The University of Queensland Press.

1984 Indentured Labour in the British Empire 1834-1920, London, Croom Helm. (Editor)


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of the Australian Research Council, and Curtin University of Technology

Kay Saunders
email: [email protected]
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