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 participants: june senyard
 June Senyard
Senior Lecturer in History
University of Melbourne

Research Projects
Successful ARC and other competitive grants over the past five years: 2000 ARC Small Grant: The History of Sport at the University of Melbourne
Refereed Publications in the past five years
'Behind the Image: Class and Gender in the World of Golf' in M. R. Farrally and A. J. Cochran eds., Science and Golf III Proceedings of the World Scientific Congress of Golf Human Kinetics, 1999 744 pp. World Scientific Congress of Golf Conference, July 1998, St. Andrew's, Scotland.

'The Barracker and the Spectator: Constructing Class and Gender Identities through the Football Crowd at the Turn of the century', Journal of Australian Studies A Public Intellectual Forum, no.62, 1999

'Learning Lessons from Sporting Heroes' in The Imaginary Grandstand: Identity and narrative in Australian sport, ed. Bernard Whimpress, ASSH (SA), 2002

'From Gentleman to the Manly: A Large Step for the Amateur', in Sporting Traditions, vol.18, no.2, May 2002
Ten Career-best publications (*relates to present project application)
Birchip Essays on a Shire, 1st ed. Maryborough, 1971; 2nd ed. 1978 xi + 213 pp.

(editor) I Can Remember That! Recollections of Primary School Days: 1904-1959, Occasional Papers No.10, Melbourne C.A.E., 1983 159 pp.

with Maureen Ryan, On their Selection: Participation, Equity and Access in Higher Education, V.P.S.E.C., 1984 256 pp.

with Stella Lees, The 1950s How Australia became a Modern Society and Everyone got a House and Car, Hyland House, 1987 157 pp.

Convenor, Cutten History Committee, Fitzroy Melbourne's First Suburb, 1st edition, Hyland House, 1989; 2nd ed. Melbourne University Press, 1991

Labor in Cartoons Cartoons of the Australian Labor Party in Victoria 1891-1990, Hyland House, 1991 128 pp.

A Country Album A Photographic History of the Shire of Birchip, Hyland House, 1995 162 pp. The Imagined Golf Course: Gender Representations and Australian Golf' in The International Journal of the History of Sport, London, Frank Cass, vol.15, no.2, August 1998

Harry Williams An Australian Golfing Tragedy, Ryan Publications, Melbourne, December 1998

The Tartan on University Square: A History of Victoria Bowling Club: 1876-2001, Walla Walla Press, 2001

The Ties That Bind: A History of Sport at the University of Melbourne, Walla Walla Press, April 2004
Teaching Programs
I am an adviser for the undergraduate program in Australian Studies and my particular interest is Australian sporting culture and have introduced subjects in this field. I have visited Japan and established links with several scholars there.

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This report has been make possible due to the generous support
of the Australian Research Council, and Curtin University of Technology

June Senyard
email: [email protected]
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