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 participants: chris mcconville
 Chris McConville
Senior Lecturer, Arts and Social Sciences
University of the Sunshine Coast

Current Research Grant
ARC Large Initiative Grant: local gambling impacts

Current Grant Application

Internal: with Dr Peter Slade, Faculty of Business: 'Housing prices on the Sunshine Coast'

Current Research Projects Environmental and heritage implications of population growth in traditional coastal resort centres: a case study of the City of Caloundra.

1999 co-editor with L Finch, Gritty Cities: Images of the Urban, publisher Pluto Press, 1999 1998 Advisory editor with L Finch, Urban Cannibals: romancing the city , Journal of Australian Studies , number 57

1998 Advisory editor with L Finch, Urban Cannibals: romancing the city, Journal of Australian Studies , number 57

1998 Williamstown Heritage Walks City of Hobson's Bay, Altona

1996 with J Lack, M Small and D Wright, A History of the Footscray Football Club , Aus-Sport, Footscray

1993 St Kevin's College 1918-1993 , Melbourne University Press, Carlton

I992 co-edited with Phillip Bull and Noel McLachlan, Irish-Australia Studies, Latrobe University publication. Contributed chapters in addition to editing, 'Irish Townscape' [See Pascoe and Roynane below] and 'Patrick O'Farrell's history'addition to editing, 'Irish Townscape' [See Pascoe and Roynane below] and 'Patrick O'Farrell's history'

1991 Rising in the West: From Western Institute to Victoria University of Technology, Council of the Western Institute, St Albans co-edited with Graeme Davison, A Heritage Handbook, George Allen and Unwin, Sydney, and includes several chapters and notes written wholly or substantially by Chris McConville

1991 Fitzroy: Melbourne's First Suburb , Hyland House, Melbourne, editor and contributing author, as member of the Cutten Fitzroy History Committee and contributed chapters, 'On the street' and 'Immigrants'

1989 Guide to Melbourne , Aird Books, Melbourne

1988 Mum and Dad made history , Museum of Victoria, Melbourne Co-editor with Patricia Grimshaw and Ellen McEwen, Families in Colonial Australia , George Allen and Unwin

1987 Croppies, Celts and Catholics: The Irish in Australia, Edward Arnold

1986 Co-editor with Graeme Davison and David Dunstan, Outcasts of Melbourne, George Allen and Unwin

1984 As Member of editorial collective and contributor to, Melbourne Historical Journal , vol.16

1974 As a member of a research team for Public Interest Research Group, The Merri Creek Study, Melbourne

Book Chapters

2002 with Karen Brooks, ' "Wussy Boys":Remodelling masculinity for the new millennium', in Sharyn Pearce and Kerry Mallan, eds, Manning the Millennium, Black Swan Press Perth

2002 Beer Gardens' and other entries in Oxford Companion to Australian Gardens, Oxford University Press

1999 'Waterfront unionism in Three Ports: Buenos Aires, Melbourne and San Francisco, 1900-1933', in D. Palmer et al, editors, Australian labour history reconsidered, Australian Humanities Press 1999

1999 'Learning from Venturi - and Melbourne' in L Finch and C McConville, Gritty Cities: Images of the Urban, Pluto

1998 ' ".and don't run upstairs": The heroics and ruin of leviathan punters', in Richard Nile and Michael Peterson, eds Becoming Australia: the Woodford Forum , University of Queensland Press, St Lucia

1998 'Melbourne' in G Davison, S Macintyre and J Hirst, Oxford Companion to Australian History , Oxford University Press, Oxford U.K. 1998

1998 'The TAB' in G Davison, J Hirst and S Macintyre, eds, Oxford Companion to Australian History

1996 'A short history of the tote', in M Cathcart and K Darian Smith, eds, Place Your Bets: Gambling in Victoria , Australian Centre, Melbourne

1995 'Irish immigration to Australia - a brief history', introduction to Community profiles, 1991 Census: Ireland born, Bureau of Immigration, Multicultural and Population Research, AGPS, Canberra

1994 'The Irish townscape of nineteenth century Melbourne' , reprinted from Bull et. al. 1993 [see above] in Essays presented to Albert Reynolds T.D. Prime Minister of Ireland , eds, and J Roynane, Victoria University of Technology

1992 'Geelong Western', in C. Sagazio, ed, Cemeteries: our heritage National Trust, Melbourne

1992 'Imagining the slum', in Imagining the city, documents, P. Webb, ed, Centre for Design at RMIT 'Australian social life', in Tudball, Libby, ed, VCE Australian history , Jacaranda Press

1992 'The glint of gold', in Graeme Davison, general editor, Journeys into History , Weldon Russell, Willoughby NSW

1992 'Conflicting loyalties', in V.Burgmann and J. Lee, eds, Staining the Wattle: a people's history of Australia, Penguin 'Peopling the place again', in V.Burgmann and J. Lee, eds, A Most Valuable Acquisition: a people's history of Australia, Penguin

1991 'On the Street', in Cutten History Committee, Fitzroy: Melbourne's first Suburb , Hyland House, Melbourne [see above]

1991 'Immigrants', Fitzroy: Melbourne's First Suburb, Hyland House, Melbourne 1988 'The Victorian Irish: emigrants and families, 1851 - 1891', in Families in Colonial Australia

1986 'From criminal class to underworld', in Outcasts of Melbourne [see books above]

1986 'Chinatown', in i [see books above]

1981 'Outcast children in Marvellous Melbourne', in G. Featherstone, ed, The Colonial Child, Melbourne

Journal Articles (refereed) 1. 2003 With Peter Slade, 'The problem with problem gambling: historical and economic concerns', Journal of Economic and Social Policy, vol 8 no 1, Summer:1-17

2. 2003 'Writing Australian History; fact or fabrication?, History Australia, vol 1 no. 1. December 2003: 98-194

3. 2002 'The private eye as urbane' in M/C: electronic journal of media and culture at

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18. 1980 'The location of Melbourne's prostitutes, 1870 - 1920', Historical Studies , vol.19, no.74, April

19. 1979 'Catholics and mobility in Melbourne and Sydney, 1861 - 1891', in Australia 1888 , no.2, August

Conference Papers (refereed)

2003 'From Look back in Anger to Auf Wiedersehen, Pet: Place, Class and Change in the Northern Tradition, 1958-2002' in Society for Labour history Conference, Griffith University Brisbane Proceedings

1998 'Beach Buoy: Reyner Banham rescues the Modern City', in R Freestone, ed, The Twentieth Century Planning Experience , 8th International Planning Society Conference, 4th Australian Planning/Urban History Conference, University of NSW, July, 1998

1997 'Morality, design and the casino', in Lynette Finch and Chris McConville, eds, Images of the Urban, [below]

1997 Lynette Finch and Chris McConville, editors, Images of the Urban: Conference Proceedings , Sunshine Coast University College, Maroochydore South

1997 'Beach shadows: density and urbanism on the Sunshine Coast', in A. Dingle, ed, The Australian City, Past/Present , Monash University, Melbourne

1994 'Teaching about cities in the New World: Italian comparisons', published in Proceedings of Italian: towards 2000, International conference , September

1994, Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne, 1994 'A forest at the edge of the city', Australian Garden History Society, Proceedings of the Australian Garden History Society Fifteenth Annual National Conference, Melbourne, pp 5-9

1984 'History and Conservation', in W.Logan, [ed.], Planning the Past: Proceedings of a Seminar, ANZAAS, Monash University, August
Other Activities
Member Museum Networks, Shire of Noosa, City of Caloundra and Shire of Maroochy

Heritage Assessment Panel: Cultural Heritage Branch, Queensland EPA

Recent Consultancies

Curatorial Brief Building Interpretation Macarthur Chambers Brisbane, for Museum of Queenslando Report on Historic Village

Concept and Jondaryan Woolshed for Allom Lovell

Liaison with City of Hobson's Bay for Review and Re-print of Williamstown Heritage Walks

Previous Relevant Activities

Membership of expert committees of the National Trust [Victoria], including Buildings, Urban Conservation Cemeteries, 1981 onwards

Deputy Membership Historic Buildings Council Victoria

Advocacy and research at Heritage/Historic Buildings Council [Victoria] and at AAT and VCAT [Victoria] hearings for Royal Historical Society Victoria, community groups and private clients

Leadership and participation in many community planning and heritage workshops for local government authorities, National Trust, Heritage Council and Major

Projects Unit, Victoria, including community consultation on heritage and amenity, City of Camberwell and public workshops Station Pier redevelopment, Major Projects Unit Victoria


On-air presentation and Station Program Committee Member, Radio 3 RRR Melbourne Broadcasting, scripting audio-production, for ABC radio, 3AW, 3UZ 927 SPORTS Station/programming role and on-air presentation of History programs for Radio 3 RRR Melbourne 3UZ-927 Sports, ABC Radio National and Radio ABC 774, 3LO Melbourne

Membership in Steering Committee, Living Museum of the West [Victoria]

Conduct of family history workshops for a range of local history groups

Presentation of heritage workshops for a range of groups including Royal Australian Planning Institute and History Teachers Association

Work for a number of community history and heritage groups on the Sunshine Coast Queensland including Noosa Library, Shire of Maroochy Library, National Trust [Sunshine Coast branch], Sunshine Coast Museum Networks and Buderim war Memorial Association

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of the Australian Research Council, and Curtin University of Technology

Chris McConville
email: [email protected]
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