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 participants: dennis haskell
 Dennis Haskell
Professor of English
University of Western Australia

Refereed Publications in past Five Years

Interactions: Essays on Literature and Culture in the Asia-Pacific, ed. Dennis Haskell & Ron Shapiro. Perth: University of Western Australia Press, 2000.

Samuel Johnson in Marrickville: Selected Poems. Todmodern (UK): Arc, 2001.

Attuned to Alien Moonlight: The Poetry of Bruce Dawe. St Lucia: University of Queensland Press, 2002 (265 pp.).

Book Chapters

" 'Authority' in Modern Singaporean Poetry”, Interlogue: Studies in Singaporean Literature, Volume 2: Poetry, ed. Kirpal Singh. Singapore: Ethos, 1999, 19-34.

"'A' is for ...?: Representations of Asia in the Poetry of Bruce Dawe", New Directions in Australian Studies, ed. Cynthia Vanden Driesen & Adrian Mitchell. New Delhi: Prestige Books, 1999, 342-352.

"Foreword", No Other City: The Ethos Anthology of Urban Poetry, ed. Alvin Pang & Aaron Lee. Singapore: Ethos, 2000, 17-19, 26-31.

"Tradition and Questioning: The Silo as Pastoral Symphony", Fairly Obsessive: Essays on the Works of John Kinsella, ed. Rod Mengham & Glen Phillips Fremantle: . Centre for Studies in Australian Literature in association with Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2001, 89-102.

"Singapore from the Battlements: Edwin Thumboo and the Yeats Connection", Ariels: Departures and Returns, ed. Tong Chee Kiong, Anne Pakir, Ban Kah Choon & Robbie B. H. Goh. Singapore: Oxford University Press, 2001, 32-45.

"One Pleasure of Hell: Drafting and Redrafting Poetry", in The Writer's Reader: A Guide to Writing Fiction and Poetry, ed. Brenda Walker. Sydney: Halstead Press, 2002, pp142-47.

"Rhythm and Resonance in Poetry", in The Writer's Reader: A Guide to Writing Fiction and Poetry, ed. Brenda Walker. Sydney: Halstead Press, 2002, pp157-63.

"'The Grasshopper Memory Leaps': Bruce Dawe's Elegies", in Departures: How Australia Reinvents Itself, ed. Xavier Pons. .Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 2002, pp137-44.

"Kenneth Adolf Slessor", Australian Dictionary of Biography, Vol 16: 1940-1980, Pik-Z, ed. John Ritchie et al. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 2002, 259-62.

“Australia and Wholeness of Meaning: Reasoning and Art at Curlow Creek”, 'Unemployed at Last!': Essays on Australian Literature to 2002, ed. Ken Stewart & Shirley Walker. Armidale, NSW: Centre for Australian Studies, University of New England, 2003 [mistakenly printed as 2002], 133-146.

“Whose Singapore?”, Resistance and Reconciliation: Writing in the Commonwealth, ed. Bruce Bennett, Susan Cowan, Jacqueline Lo, Satendra Nandan & Jen Webb. Canberra: Association for Literature and Language Studies, 2003, 236-47.

“'now where's she off to': Gender and Class in the Poetry of Bruce Dawe”, Complicities: Connections and Divisions. Bern: Peter Lang, 2003, 261-272.

“The Mythical, Mystical Bush”, Cultural Interfaces, ed. Santosh K Sareen, Sheel C Nuna & Malati Mathur. New Delhi: Indialog, 2004, 49-59.

Journal Articles “The Ocean in Modern Australian Poetry”, Poseidon and the Muses, ed. Chung Ling et al. Sun Yat-sen Journal of Humanities (Taiwan), No. 4 (1999), 23-41.

+"Introduction to the Australian Poets/Introduzione ai Poeti Australiani" plus two poems, "Steps/Passi" and "Love and the Text-Book/L'amore e il Manuale", Semicherchio: Rivista di Poesia Comparata, No. XXII (2000), 7-10 & 22.

"Bruce Dawe at the Frontiers of Gawkiness", Antipodes, Vol. 14, No.1 (June 2000), 27-33. "W B Yeats", The Kenyon Review, Spring 2001 and Stand, March 2001 (special joint issue on "Cultures of Creativity: The Centennial Celebration of the Nobel Prizes"), 168-175.

“New Dark on Noela Slessor”, Southerly, Vol. 62, No.3 (2003), 141-43.

Conference Publications

"Asia in Australian Literature -- Past and Present", Report of Asia-Pacific PEN Conference. Tokyo: Japan PEN Club, 1999, 28-32.


Statement of aesthetics and twenty poems: Featured Poet on poetryetc2 website, University of Cambridge, 2000.

Guide to Australian Literary Manuscripts: an online bibliography of literary manuscripts by selected Australian authors, prepared with Toby Burrows as head of a team from four universities plus the State Library of New South Wales and the National Library of Australia:

AustLit; Australian Literature Gateway: an electronic bibliography of Australian literature from its inception, including some texts available online. This is an ongoing project undertaken with a large team, including colleagues at UWA and seven other universities plus the National Library of Australia.

I have had over 150 poems published in recognised literary journals, including the Bulletin, Fremantle Arts Review, Island Magazine, Meanjin, New Poetry, Poetry Australia, Quadrant, Salt, Southerly and Voices, as well as in Agenda (UK), Antipodes (U.S.A.), Poetry (Chicago, U.S.A.), Fortnight (Northern Ireland), Journal of Australian Literature and the Commonwealth Review (India), Printed Matter (Japan), Moving Worlds (UK), Poetry Review (England) and in newspapers such as the Canberra Times, The Sydney Morning Herald and The West Australian.

Journal Editorship

1985- Co-editor, Westerly (and Co-judge of annual Patricia Hackett Prize)

2001- Advisory Editor, JASAL (Journal of Association for the Study of Australian Literature)
Ten Career Best Publications

Abracadabra. Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1993,, 109pp. (a collection of my poetry).

Kenneth Slessor: Collected Poems, a scholarly, annotated edition co-edited with Geoffrey Dutton. Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1994, 497pp.

Samuel Johnson in Marrickville: Selected Poems. Todmodern (UK): Arc, 2001.

Attuned to Alien Moonlight: The Poetry of Bruce Dawe. St Lucia: University of Queensland Press, 2002 (265 pp.).

"Landscape at the Edge of a Promise: Neilson and Australian Romanticism", Imagining Romanticism: Essays on English and Australian Romanticisms, ed. Deidre Coleman and Peter Otto. West Cornwall, U.S.A.: Locust Hill Press, 1992, 203-15 (the article in Meridian below).

"Keats and the Notion of Truth", Imperfect Apprehensions, ed. Geoffrey Little. Sydney: Challis Press, University of Sydney, 1996, 164-77. Also published in The Challenge of Keats: Bicentenary Essays 1795-1995, ed. Allan C Christensen, Lilla Maria Crisafulli Jones, Guiseppe Galigani & Anthonly L Johnson. Amsterdam & Atlanta: Rodopi, 2000, 27-39.

“Whose Singapore?”, Resistance and Reconciliation: Writing in the Commonwealth, ed. Bruce Bennett, Susan Cowan, Jacqueline Lo, Satendra Nandan & Jen Webb. Canberra: Association for Literature and Language Studies, 2003, 236-47.

"Sheer Voice and Fidget Wheels: A Study of 'Five Bells'", Australian Literary Studies, Vol. 13, No. 3 (May 1988), 253-65.

"'On water stranger and less clear': Conceptions of Time and Death in the Work of Kenneth Slessor", Voices, Autumn 1991 (Vol. 1, No. 1), 5-20.

"'Long-legged Fly' and Yeats's Concept of Mind", Yeats Annual No.10, ed. Warwick Gould (London & Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1993), 250-56. Other I have been at the forefront of English, Communications and Cultural Studies (formerly Department of English) and the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (formerly Faculty of Arts) in developing links with international universities. In 1987-88 I was invited to the National University of Singapore as a visiting scholar, and I have made a number of subsequent visits to NUS, including as a visiting writer to the Centre for the Arts in 1997. In 1993 I was invited to the Prince of Songkla University, Thailand where I gave lectures on English Literature and Creative Writing to staff and helped them in developing a Master of Arts programme in literary studies, and I made another visit there to check teaching in the programme in 1995. In 1994 I gave invited lectures on Australian Literature at the Tianjin Foreign Studies University and the Tianjin Normal University. I was invited to visit the University of Bologna in 1995 and 1998, 2000 and again in 2002 to give papers and specialist lectures on Australian Literature. I was invited for meetings and lectures to the Universities of Strasbourg, Barcelona, Leida, Tarragona and Madrid in late-1999, and in 2000 to the Universities of Bologna and Cambridge. These meetings resulted in development of the agreement with Bologna and of new agreements with Strasbourg and Cambridge. In 1998 I taught an innovative honours unit with staff from NUS, using the world wide web, email and video-conferencing. I served on the Study Abroad Scholarship Committee from its inception in 1998 until 2001, and from 1995-97 managed the Faculty of Arts Study Abroad Scholarships. In 2000 I held a visiting professorship at RWTH-Aachen (funded by the German Government) and a By-fellowship (a research fellowship) at Churchill College, University of Cambridge. I have also lectured at Churchill College, the University of Trier (Germany), the University of Madras (India), the Italo-Britannica Association (Italy), and many other international institutions.

In editing Westerly since 1985 I have been responsible for all aspects of Western Australia's most prestigious cultural magazine, from grant applications to writing references for writers applying for individual writers' grants. I have steered the journal, which has won $28,000 - $43,000 of external grants every year, through changes in editors, policy and format. I conceived the idea of annual special issues, and have now prepared over fifty issues of the magazine. I organised the use of a team of international editorial referees; it should be noted that Westerly is one of the most highly regarded journals in its field and is indexed in all the major international humanities bibliographies. I also have considerable experience as Director of the Westerly Centre (formerly Centre for Studies in Australian Literature), a very active research centres at The University of Western Australia. This experience includes the administration of residencies by visiting scholars, the organisation of seminars and conferences, the co-ordination of an advisory committee, communications with schoolteachers, and the editing and publishing of a number of scholarly books. Books I have seen through the press as a senior advisory editor include Ian Saunders's Open Texts/Partial Maps: A Literary Theory Handbook, Amanda Nettelbeck's Provisional Maps: Essays on David Malouf, and Bill Ashcroft's study of Francis Webb, The Gimbals of Unease. I have convened three international conferences (the World Conference of International PEN, and the Biennial Conference on Literature and Culture in the Asia-Pacific twice) and one national conference (of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature), winning grants and undertaking full organisation (with colleagues).

I have supervised 20 Masters and PhD students to successful completion, and I currently supervise 6 postgraduates, with another 1 currently being examined. I regularly examine theses for other universities; in recent years I have acted as Examiner for Master's and PhD theses from La Trobe University, University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland, Curtin University of Technology and others,

In 1994 I agreed to the request (first made in 1990) of the National Library of Australia to purchase my literary papers and manuscripts. Since 2000 I have given my papers to the Reid Library, UWA (at their request). Grants and Awards

New South Wales Journalists' Association Prize, awarded to the best student in Australian Literature at The University of Sydney


Butterly-Earle Hooper Prize, awarded by Southerly magazine for the best work published in the previous year by a contributor who has yet to publish a book


Visiting Fellowship, National University of Singapore, funded by the International Development Program of Australian Universities and Colleges and the National University of Singapore for a visiting lecturer and scholar


Harold White Fellowship, awarded by the National Library of Australia for a visiting scholar

W.B. Yeats Society of Western Australia Scholarship, to attend 1990 W.B. Yeats Summer School, Sligo, Ireland

Irish Club of Western Australia Cultural Scholarship


University of Western Australia 75th Anniversary Research Award

University of Western Australia Division of Arts and Architecture Individual Research Project Grant


University of Western Australia Development Assistance Committee Grant, to visit Prince of Songkla University, Thailand


Runner up, Western Australian Premier's Literary Award for Poetry

Invitation and grant to deliver the Colin Roderick Lectures, James Cook University of North Queensland

1995, 1996

ARC Small Grants (with Dr R Shapiro) for project "Paradigms of Identity in South-east Asian Literature"


Japan PEN Club invitation and grant to speak at Asia Pacific PEN conference , Tokyo


The Centre for the Arts, National University of Singapore invitation and grant to give poetry readings, a public lecture and workshops for Singaporean poets in Singapore

Flexible Program Delivery Scheme, Teaching & Learning Committee, UWA


UWA Research Award for Academic Staff

Churchill College, University of Cambridge invitation and grant to read at Festival of Commonwealth Literature

ArtsWA grant towards airfare to Cambridge for Festival of Commonwealth Literature

UWA Excellence in Teaching Award

RIEF grant (with Delys Bird and with University of Queensland staff and others) $120,000, Electronic Bibliography of Western Australian writing

RIEF grant (with Delys Bird and with ADFA staff and others), Bibliographical indexing of literary content of Westerly


RIEF grant (with Toby Burrows and with eastern states universities and libraries) $125,000: National electronic database of Australian literary manuscripts

RIEF grant (with Delys Bird and with eastern states universities and libraries) $300,000 Creation of electronic gateway to Australian literature

Nomination for Excellence in Supervision Award


Visiting Professorship, RWTH-Aachen, Germany (funded by DAAD [German Government])

By-fellowship, Churchill College, University of Cambridge


Dublin Writers Festival, grant to read my own poetry at Festival

ARC Linkage grant (with Delys Bird and with eastern states universities and libraries) $350,000. Further work on Australian Literature Electronic Gateway. Similar grants RIEF grants received 2002 and 2003.


UWA Research Grant $18,000 (for research with Megan McKinlay on Representations of National Identity in Australian and Japanese Fiction)


Invited speaker, partially funded by Jawaharlal Nehru University to give paper and poetry reading at Second International Conference of the Indian Association for the Study of Australia, New Delhi, India

Funded by Dayanand College and Australia India Council to give paper and poetry reading at International Seminar on “Caring Cultures: Sharing Imaginations (Australia and India)”, Dayanand College, Ajmer, India

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Dennis Haskell
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