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The Australia Research Network has four broad but interlocking objectives:
  • promoting research concentration on Australia, including research production and the mentoring of new and emerging research scholars whose primary research interests involve Australia
  • research enhancement and networking across the University sector and, where appropriate, in partnership with relevant industries, cultural institutions and other potential external stakeholders
  • the development of research resources for further application and broader educational purposes both within the University sector in Australia but also offshore
  • related other public intellectual alliances involving research collaboration and the utilisation of research generated outcomes
Australian Bureau of Statistics figures indicate that around half of all current research outcomes are generated by or directly involve next generation and emerging research scholars. It is a concern that DEST figures suggest that as few as 30% of all completing research graduates are retained within the University sector. It is beyond the capacity of any Research Network to impact on this trend. However, a properly conceived Network may continue to build associations between credentialed researchers within but also outside of the sector.

Further, the recommendations of the Academy of Social Sciences Report into 'Postgraduate Research Training in the Social Sciences' (Marginson et al 2002, see Marginson and Nile.) will be applied as principles in the establishment of the Australia Research Network, namely:
  • The consolidation, dissemination and publication of outcomes of doctoral research
  • Exploration of the implications of the doctoral work for the relevant field(s) of knowledge
  • The further development of lines of fundamental research opened up in the doctorate, facilitation of encounters with related work, and the extension of research programs into new fields and application
  • Training in research team leadership, management of projects, and management of intellectual property, and
  • The exploration of and development of relevant commercial applications
The following international professional associations have signalled their preparedness to be identified with the Australia Research Network initiative and to join in a fuller application for the status of an ARC Network:
  • The International Australian Studies Association [link]
  • The British Australian Studies Association [link]
  • European Association for Studies of Australia [link]
  • The German Association for Australia Studies [link]
  • The Chinese Australian Studies Association [link]
  • Centre d'Etude du Pacifique, France [link]
  • American Association for Australian Literary Studies [link]
  • Singapore Australian Studies Interest Group [link]
  • Western Social Science Association, USA [link]
InASA, in particular, has a long-standing partnership arrangement with the API Network and a number of its executive members can be identified from within the Network Participants (Darian-Smith, Carter, Lake, Worby).

The following international Centres have expressed their support for the Network and their willingness to be associated further with its development:
  • Australia Centre, Universitaet Potsdam, Germany [link]
  • Australian Literature Research Institute, Anhui University, China [link]
  • Australian Studies Centre, Universitat de Barcelona [link]
  • Australian Studies Centre, Petra Christian University, Indonesia [link]
  • Australian Studies Centre, East China Normal University, China [link]
  • Australian Studies Centre, Renmin University, China [link]
  • Australian Studies Centre, National University of Taiwan [link]
  • Australian Studies at University College Dublin, Ireland [link]
  • Centre for Australian and New Zealand Studies, Georgetown University, USA [link]
  • Centre for Australian Studies in Wales, UK [link]
  • Centre for Pacific and Asian Studies, University of Nijmegen, Netherlands [link]
  • Edward A Clarke Center for Australian Studies, University of Texas, USA [link]
  • Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, University of London, UK [link]
A number of the Network participants are currently or have been members of other relevant associations, for example: As part of this bid, we have begun conversations with the major collecting institutions, including:
  • National Library of Australia [link]
  • National Archives of Australia [link]
  • National Museum of Australia [link]
  • Northern Territory Library and Information Services [link]
  • State Library of Queensland [link]
  • State Library of Western Australia [link]
  • State Library of South Australia [link]
  • State Library of Victoria [link]
  • State Library of New South Wales [link]
  • State Library of Tasmania [link]
  • State Records Office, WA [link]
The Museum of London has agreed to be named in this report as a potential partner in the development of the Australia Research Network.

The Network Hub will be established at the Australia Research Institute at Curtin University of Technology.

As a University of Technology, Curtin is committed to the development of new research within the context of technological innovation. The Australia Research Institute is a Curtin University Research Institute in the Humanities and Social Sciences, incorporating within its federated structure a series of research centres and units:
  • Australian Studies Centre [link]
  • Australian Folklore Research Unit [link]
  • Australian Regional Research Unit [link]
  • Life Writing Research Unit [link]
  • Migration Ethnicity Refugees and Citizenship Research Unit [link]
  • Research in Cultural Heritage Research Unit [link]
ARI manages and produces the API Network and is the administering unit for New Talents 21C, in partnership with the Universities of Melbourne and Queensland.

Among its staff, ARI has two ARC Postdoctoral Fellows, two Curtin Research Fellows and other associated Academic Research Staff. ARI manages Curtin University Books, in partnership with Fremantle Arts Centre Press. It features a production and research enhancement unit and employs a web publisher and an associate publisher, both of whom are expert in the fields of electronic and print on demand technologies.

The Institute is an acknowledged national leader in research production, enhancement and communication and through its several partnerships with industry, professional and academic associations, agencies and other universities. It manages an Australian Studies visiting fellowship scheme for the Australia-India Council in partnership with La Trobe, Monash and the University of Queensland.

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 hosted by the api-network
Dedicated to the 'democratisation of knowledge', the API Network is a free electronic gateway specialising on matters Australia. Managed and produced by the Australia Research Institute, the Division of Humanities, Curtin University of Technology, it links public intellectuals through its publications, mailing list, online Forum, chat room and regular posting of news relating to book, journal and ezine publications, conferences, events, tours and funding opportunities in the field of Australian Studies.

This report has been make possible due to the generous support
of the Australian Research Council, and Curtin University of Technology

Dedicated to the 'democratisation of knowledge', the API Network is a free electronic gateway specialising on matters Australia.
International Australian Studies Association (InASA)
Australian Centre
University of Melbourne
President: Associate Professor Kate Darian-Smith
email: [email protected]
website: click here

The European Association for Studies on Australia (EASA)
University of Bergen
Sydnesp 5007 Bergen, Norway
Chairperson: Anne-Holden Ronning
email: [email protected]
website: click here

British Australian Studies Association (BASA)
School of History and Archaeology
Cardiff University
PO Box 909
Cardiff CF10 3XU
President: Bill Jones
email: [email protected]
website: click here

Menzies Centre for Australian Studies
King's College London
28 Russell Square
London WC1B 5DS
United Kingdom
Professor Carl Bridge
email: [email protected]
website: click here

Australian Studies at University College Dublin
K106, John Henry Newman Building
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland
Director: Dr Nicholas Brown
email: [email protected]
website: click here

Centre for Australian Studies in Wales
University of Wales, Lampeter
Ceredigion SA48 7ED
Wales, UK
Director: Dr Andrew Hassam
email: [email protected]
website: click here

American Association of Australian Literary Studies (AAALS)|
C.W. Post Campus
Long Island University
President: Professor John Scheckter
email: [email protected]
website: click here

Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies
Walsh School of Foreign Service
Georgetown University
PO Box 571021
Washington DC 20057-1021
Director: Ambassador Richard W Teare
email: [email protected]
website: click here

Edward A. Clark Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, Suite 3.362
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas 78713-7219
Director: Professor Higley
email: [email protected]
website: click here

Australian & New Zealand Studies Association of North America (ANZSANA)
Georgetown University
PO Box 571021
Washington DC 20057-1021
President: Richard Teare
email: [email protected]
website: click here

New Zealand and Australian Studies
A section of the Western Social Science Association
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, United States
email: [email protected]
website: click here

Australian Studies Centre
East China Normal University
3663 North Zhongshan Road
Shanghai, 200062, China
Directors: Assoc Professor Chen Hong
Assoc Professor Huang Yuanshen
Assoc Professor Hou Minyue
email: [email protected]
website: click here

Australian Literature Research Institute
Anhui University
Anhui Province 230039, China
Director: Professor Chen Zheng-fa
email: [email protected]

Australian Studies Centre
School of Foreign Languages
Renmin University of China
39 Haidian Road
Haidian District, Beijing 100
Director: Professor Zhang Yongxian
email: [email protected]

Australian Studies Association
Foreign Language School
Shanghai Foreign Trade University
email: [email protected]

Australian Studies Centre
National Taiwan University
1 Roosevelt Road
Section 4, Taipei 106
Director: Lan-Hung Nora Chiang
email: [email protected]

Australian Studies Centre
Petra Christian University
East Java, Indonesia
email: [email protected]
website: click here

Australia Centre Berlin
Sydney Office
The Chancellery, North Wing
UNSW Sydney 2052
Managing Director: Dr Ditta Bartels
email: [email protected]
website: click here

Singapore Australia Studies Interest Group
Nanyang Technological University
Director: Kevin Blackburn
email: [email protected]
website: click here

Australian Studies Centre
Departament de Filologia Anglesa i Alemanya
Universitat de Barcelona
Gran Via Corts Catalanes
585 08007 Barcelona, Spain
Executive Director: Dr Susan Ballyn
email: [email protected]

Centre for Pacific and Asian Studies
Anthropology Department
University of Nijmegen
Thomas van Aquinostraat 4 Room 4.02.08
PO Box 9104
HE Nijmegen 6500
Director: Professor Ad Borsboom
email: [email protected]
website: click here

Association for Australian Studies
Römerstraße 35
Bremgarten bei Bern
CH-3047 Schweiz
Professor Rudolf Bader
email: [email protected]
website: click here

Centre d'Etude du Pacifique (CEPAC)
University de Havre
Le Havre, France
Professor Maryvonne Nedeljkovic
email: [email protected]
website: click here

Museum of London
150 London Wall
London EC2Y 5HN UK
Group Director, Public Programmes: Dr Darryl McIntyre
email: [email protected]
website: click here

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