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 participants: ann curthoys
 Ann Curthoys
Manning Clark Professor of History
Australian National University
G08 Visiting Professor in Australian Studies
Georgetown University
Washington DC

Current Projects
Is History Fiction? A book with John Docker

Historical Experts and Indigenous Litigants. ARC funded project with Larissa Behrendt, Ted Wright, Ann Genovese, and Alex Reilly.

A Companion to Women's Historical Writing. For Palgrave, with Mary Spongberg and Barbara Caine.

Indigenous Subjects (Indigenous Peoples in Australia, Britain, and the British Empire), for the Oxford History of the British Empire.
Honours and Awards
Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, 2003-

Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, 1997 –

Doctor of the University (honoris causa), University of Technology, Sydney, 1995
Sole-authored books

2002 Freedom Ride: A Freedomrider Remembers, Allen and Unwin, Sydney. (Winner of the Stanner Prize, AIATSIS, 2003; 'Highly Commended' at Human Rights Awards, HREOC, Australia, December 2002; short-listed for the non-fiction prize by the NSW Premier's Literary Awards 2003, the Centre for Australian Cultural Studies Awards 2002.

1988 For and Against Feminism: A Personal Journey into Feminist Theory and History, Allen and Unwin, Sydney

Edited books

2001 with Henry Chan and Nora Chiang (eds), The Overseas Chinese in Australasia: History, Settlement and Interactions, Monograph 3, Interdisciplinary Group for Australian Studies, National Taiwan University.

1999 with Julianne Schultz (eds), Journalism: Print, Politics, and Popular Culture, University of Queensland Press.

1987 with Allan Martin and Tim Rowse (eds), Australians Since 1939, Fairfax, Syme, and Weldon. Volume 10 in the series Australians: A Historical Library.

1986 with John Merritt (eds), Better Dead than Red: Australia's First Cold War, vol. 2. Allen and Unwin.

1985 with John Merritt, eds, Australia's First Cold War: Volume I: Society, Communism and Culture, Allen and Unwin.

1982 Labour History Group, eds, What Rough Beast? The State and Social Order in Australian History, Allen and Unwin.

1978 with Andrew Markus, eds, Who Are Our Enemies? Racism and the Working Class in Australia, Hale and Iremonger.

1975 with Susan Eade and Peter Spearritt, eds Women at Work, Australian Society for the Study of Labour History

Recently Published Essays (Select List)

2003 with Ann Genovese, 'Evidence and Narrative: Truth and Law' in Iain McCalman and Ann McGrath, eds, Proof and Truth: The Humanist as Expert, The Australian Academy of the Humanities.

2003 'Cultural history and the nation', in Hsu-Ming Teo and Richard White, eds, Cultural History in Australia, UNSW Press, pp. 22 – 37.

2003 'Constructing national histories', in Bain Attwood and Stephen Foster, eds, Frontier Conflict: The Australian Experience, National Museum of Australia, pp. 185 – 200.

2003 'We've only just started writing national history and you want us to stop already?' in Antoinette Burton, ed, After the Imperial Turn, Routledge.

2002 'Does Australian History Have a Future?', Australian Historical Studies, No 118, pp. 140 -52.

2002 'Cultivating the arts of the female self: the micro politics of a re-fashioned feminism', in Jane Bennett and Michael J. Shapiro (eds), The Politics of Moralising, Routledge.

2001 “Men of All Nations, Except Chinamen: Chinese on the New South Wales Goldfields”, in Iain McCalman, Alexander Cook, and Andrew Reeves, eds, Gold Forgotten Histories and Lost Objects of Australia, Cambridge University Press, pp. 103 – 24.

2001 'National narratives, war commemoration, and racial exclusion in a settler society: the Australian case', in Timothy Ashplant, Graeme Dawson, and Michael Roper (eds), War, Memory, and Commemoration, Routledge.

2001 (with John Docker) 'Genocide: Definitions, Questions, Settler-Colonies', Aboriginal History vol 25, 2001.

2000 'Gender Studies in Australia: A History', Australian Feminist Studies, vol 15, no 31, March 2000, pp. 19 - 38.

2000 'Australian Studies and Study Abroad', in Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, Winter, pp. 47 – 58.

2000 'An Uneasy Conversation: the Indigenous and the Multicultural', in John Docker and Gerhard Fischer, eds, Race Colour and Identity in Australia and New Zealand, UNSW Press.

1999 'Whose Home? Expulsion, Exodus, and Exile in White Australian Historical Mythology', Journal of Australian Studies no 61, 1 - 18. Reprinted as 'Mythologies', in Richard Nile, ed, The Australian Legend and its Discontents, UQP, 2000.

1998 (with Carol Johnson), 'Articulating the Future and the Past: Race, Gender and Globalisation in One Nation Discourse', Hecate, vol. 24, no. 2, November 1998, pp. 92 - 111.

1998 'Cosmopolitan Radicals: Australian Interactions with International Feminist Texts 1960 - 1980', in Barbara Caine et al, eds, The Oxford Companion to Australian Feminism, OUP, Melbourne.

1997 'Sex and Racism: Australia in the 1960s', in Jane Long, Jan Gothard, and Helen Brasch (eds), Forging Identities: Bodies, Gender and Feminist History, UWA Press, Nedlands WA, 1997, pp. 11 - 28.

1997 (with John Docker), 'The Two Histories: metaphor in English historiographical writing', in Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice, vol. 1, no. 3, December 1997, pp. 259 - 75 (Routledge).

1997 'History and Identity', in Wayne Hudson and Geoffrey Bolton (eds), Creating Australia: Changing Australian History, Sydney, Allen and Unwin, 1997, pp. 23 - 38.

1997 'The Proof of Continuity of Native Title: An historian's perspective', in Land, Rights, Laws: Issues of Native Title, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Issues paper no. 18, June, pp. 7 - 12.

1996 'Visions, Nightmares, Dreams: Women's History, 1975', Australian Historical Studies, vol. 27, no. 106, April, pp. 1-13.

Key Earlier Essays

1993 'Identity Crisis: Colonialism, Nation, and Gender in Australian History', Gender and History , 5: 2, Summer, pp. 165-76.

1986 'The Getting of Television: Dilemmas in Ownership, Control, and Culture in Australia, 1943-56', in Ann Curthoys and John Merritt (eds), Better Dead than Red, Sydney, Allen and Unwin.

1982 'Good Christians and Useful Workers: Aborigines, Church and State in New South Wales 1874-1883', in Sydney Labour History Group, eds, What Rough Beast? The State and Social Order in Australian History, Sydney, Allen and Unwin.

1978 'Conflict and Consensus: The Seamen's Strike of 1878' in Who Are Our Enemies? Racism and the Working Class in Australia, Sydney, Hale and Iremonger.

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of the Australian Research Council, and Curtin University of Technology

Ann Curthoys, Freedom Ride: A Freedom Rider Remembers, Crows Nest, Allen and Unwin, 2002. [details]
Ann Curthoys and John Docker (eds), Aboriginal History Volume 25, History Department, ANU, 2001. [details]
Ann Curthoys
email: [email protected]
website: click here

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