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 participants: karl neuenfeldt
 Karl Neuenfeldt
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Informatics and Communications
Central Queensland University

Research Projects
2002 Research Grant (Australian Tropical Music $25,000) University Merit Grant

2001 Research Grant (Torres Strait Music $20,000), CQU Faculty of Informatics and Communication

2000 Research Grant (Torres Strait Music $20,000), CQU Faculty of Informatics and Communication

1999 Research Grant (Torres Strait Music $13,000), CQU Faculty of Informatics and Communication
Edited book

Indigenous Music from Tropical Australia: Case Studies from Torres Strait and Arnhem Land Accepted for Publication by Aboriginal Studies Press Feb 2004 (with Fiona Magowan)

Book Chapters

'Grand Concerts, Anzac Days and Evening Entertainments: Glimpses of Music Culture on Thursday Island, Queensland 1900-1945' (with Steve Mullins) Indigenous Music from Tropical Australia: Case Studies from Torres Strait and Arnhem Land. Accepted by Aboriginal Studies Press Feb 2004

'From Navajo to Taba Naba: Unravelling the Travels and Metamorphosis of a Popular Torres Strait Islander Song' (with Martin Nakata) Indigenous Music from Tropical Australia: Case Studies from Torres Strait and Arnhem Land. Accepted by Aboriginal Studies Press Feb 2004

'Some Historical and Contemporary Asian Elements in the Music and Performance Culture of Torres Strait' Navigating Boundaries: The Asian Diaspora in Torres Strait, Shunukal, A., Ramsay, G., and Nagata, Y. (eds) Pandanus Publishing, ANU Forthcoming 2004.

'Mainland Torres Strait Islanders and the 'Magical Islands' of the Torres Strait: The Music of Gaetano Bann as Metaphor and Remembering' (with Chris Lawe-Davies) Island Musics Kevin Dawes (editor) Berg 2004

'Nigel Pegrum, "Didjeridu-Friendly Sections", and What Constitutes an "Indigenous" CD An Australian Case Study of Producing "World Music" Recordings' Wired for Sound: Engineering and Technologies in Sonic Cultures Weslyan Press/Routledge forthcoming 2004.

'The Yanni Phenomenon: Music Exotica and the Making of Multi-Media Memories' in Exotic Sounds: Tropicalism and Orientalism in Post War Popular Music P Hayward (ed.) (John Libbey/Perfect Beat Publications) 1999 168-198.

Refereed Articles

'The Technology, Aesthetics and Cultural Politics of a Collaborative, Transnationl Music Recording Project: Veiga, Veiga and the Intinerant Overdubs' (with Denis Crowdy) Transformations (7) 2003, http://www.cqu.

'Torres Strait Islander Music and Dance in Informal and Formal Educational Contexts in Australia" (with Lyn Costigan) Research Studies in Music Education (19) 2002 46-55

'From Silence to Celebration: Indigenous Australian Performers at the Woodford Folk Festival' World of Music 43(2-3) 2002 63-89

'An Overview of Case Studies of Contemporary Native American Music in Canada, the United States of America and on the Web' World of Music 44(1) 2002 7-10

'www.americanmusic. com: Marketing Recordings in an Interconnected World', World of Music 44(1) 2002 115-126

'Examples of Torres Strait Songs of Longing and Belonging', Journal of Australian Studies (75) 2002 111-116

'The "Saving Grace of Social Culture": Early Popular Music and Performance Culture on Thursday Island, Torres Strait, Queensland' Queensland Review 8(2) 2001 1-20

'Cultural Politics and a Music Recording Project: Producing Strike Em!: Contemporary Voices from the Torres Strait' Journal of Intercultural Studies 2001 133-145

'Comments on the Nexus Between Music-based Research and Intercultural Studies' Journal of Intercultural Studies 2001 117-119

'"Our Home, Our Land ... Something to Sing About": Indigenous Popular Music as Identity Narrative' (with Kathleen Oien) Aboriginal History 2001 27-38

'The Transformative Effects of CDs on the Australian Folk Festival Scene' Transformations 2000,

'The Quest for a 'Magical Island': The Convergence of the Didjeridu, Aboriginal Culture, Healing and Cultural Politics in New Age Discourse" Social Analysis 42(2) 1998 73-101

'Good Vibrations?: The "Curious" Cases of the Didjeridu in Spectacle & Therapy' The World of Music 40(2) 1998 29-51

'Grassroots, Rock(s) and Reggae: Music and Mayhem at the Port Moresby Show' The Contemporary Pacific 10(2) 1998 317-343

'Sounding Silences: The Inclusion of Indigenous Popular Music in Australian Curricula' Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education 19(2) 1998 201-218

'Aboriginal Didjeriduists in Australian Education: Culture Workers and Border Crossers' Journal of Intercultural Studies 19(1) 1998 5-19

'The Kyana Corroboree: Cultural Production of Indigenous Ethnogenesis' Sociological Inquiry 65 (3) 1995, pp. 22-45

'The Essentialistic, the Exotic, the Enigmatic and the Absurd: The Cultural Production of the Didjeridu in World Music' Perfect Beat 2 (1) 1994, pp. 88-103

Edited Journals

Issue Editor: The World of Music 'Indigenous Popular Music in North America: Continuations and Innovations' 44(1) 2002

Issue Editor: Journal of Intercultural Studies Special Issue on Music-based Research 22(2) 2001

Co-Editor: Perfect Beat (The Pacific Journal of Research into Contemporary Music and Popular Culture) 2000 and 2001

Issue Editor: The World of Music (UNESCO) "Old Instruments, New Contexts" 40(2) 1998

Encyclopedia Entries

'The Ukulele' Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World (Cassel) 2003

'Indigenous Popular Music in Australia" Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World (Cassel) 2003

'New Age Music'& 'The Contemporary Didjeridu' Companion to Music and Dance in Australia (Currency Press/Cambridge University Press) 2003

'The Didjeridu in Popular Music' Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World (Cassel) 2003

'The Didjeridu', David Hudson, Richard Walley, Dulcie Pitt/Georgia Lee The Oxford Companion to Aboriginal Art and Culture (Oxford University Press) 2000

'Indigenous Popular Music in Australia' Encyclopedia of the Pacific Islands (University of Hawaii Press/ Pasifika Press) 2000
Teaching Programs
Masters of Science Communication, CQU

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