Elizabeth Leane and Jenny McFarlane (ed.), Issue 23: Futures Exchange, 2004. [view]

Paula Hamilton and Paul Ashton (ed.), Issue 22: Australians and the Past, 2003. [view]

Russell McDougall (ed.), Issue 21: To The Islands: Australian and the Caribbean, 2002. [view]

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The Real Thing, Sian Supski (ed.), St Lucia, API Network and UQP, 2005.

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The genesis of Young’s composition of ‘The real thing’ is often suggested to have been Young’s bitter response to a Coca-Cola advertising campaign, which - one assumes - he felt was aggrandising the product beyond the humble status it deserved as a mere soft drink. At the time ‘The real thing’ was released, Young was working as a DJ on 3XY, and was participating in station-related events sponsored by both Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola. David Nichols

In several ways, tea’s route to Sydney reflected the political geometry of imperial enterprise. Firstly, the interests of the East India Company were not far from the officers’ trade. Indeed, with Phillip’s return to England and the colony under Grose’s governorship, ships’ captains effectively gambled on the Company’s involvement. Fearing any violations of its monopoly, the Company’s watchdogs readily seized vessels and cargoes as contraband. Susie Khamis

As travel became more accessible in the late nineteenth century, female artists took their easels and documented flora and fauna in a variety of distant places. Many female artists travelled to Europe for inspiration and study. They were often financially independent and were certainly independent of mind. While art school training was conservative, these women adopted modern forms that moved beyond traditional training. Ruth Rentschler

In the 1960s, British journalists flocked to Australia to report on British migration, and having encountered the unfamiliar term whingeing Pom, they had to translate it for their British readers: ‘The word is pronounced “whinjer,” and the Australians apply it to any ineffectual but steady grumbler.’ Andrew Hassam

Articles by Mitchell Rolls, Andrew Hassam, Susie Khamis, Kylie Mirmohamadi, Georgina Downey, Ruth Rentschler, Hilda Kean and David Nichols.

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