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Wednesday, 20th August 2014

API Review of Books

Altitude BirdIssue 44
Features reviews by Kathleen Broderick, Linn Miller, Christine Choo, Bill Thorpe, David Ritter, Eve Vincent, Stephanie Bishop, Alison Miles, Richard Kay, Amanda Day, Bernard Whimpress, Mads Clausen, Marion May Campbell, Sylvia Alston, Catie Gilchrist, Eva Chapman, Lucy Dougan, Stephen Lawrence and Nathanael O'Reilly. Click here for more details.


Altitude BirdPopular Music: Practices, Formations and Change - Australian Perspectives
The papers collected here in this special edition of Altitude offer a brief snapshot of popular music research broadly connected with Australia. The essays demonstrate the variety of theoretical and methodological approaches used by researchers in the fields of popular music studies and cultural studies to explore themes of popular music practice, formation and change in an Australian context. Click here for more details.

The API Network Top Australian Public Intellectuals

  1. Robert Manne
  2. Henry Reynolds
  3. Tim Flannery
  4. Noel Pearson
  5. Phillip Adams
  6. Peter Singer
  7. Marcia Langton
  8. Geoffrey Blainey
  9. Hugh Stretton
  10. Inga Clendennin
  11. Tim Costello
  12. Meaghan Morris
  13. Michael Kirby
  14. David Malouf
  15. Frank Brennan
  16. Peter Craven
  17. Raimond Gaita
  18. Ghassan Hage
  19. David Marr
  20. Don Watson
  1. Bob Brown
  2. John Frow
  3. Helen Garner
  4. Barry Jones
  5. Stuart MacIntyre
  6. Humphrey McQueen
  7. Keith Windschuttle
  8. Elizabeth Grosz
  9. Carmen Lawrence
  10. Bernard Smith
  11. Germaine Greer
  12. Marilyn Lake
  13. Hugh McKay
  14. Fiona Stanley
  15. Clive Hamilton
  16. Guy Rundle
  17. John Hirst
  18. Robert Hughes
  19. Drusilla Modjeska
  20. Glyn Davis


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